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Today we are going to take on the newest max level in, chapter 105. We will take on chapter 105 in for the first time and discuss the best tips, strategies, and hacks to beat it!

#Survivorio #MaxLevel

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  1. What are you using that’s healing you

  2. Plsss tell dev to extend the “King” event Pls pls I’m late ;-;

  3. Thank god I’m nowhere near this insane level

  4. Fun fact if u say fun fact in the comments will read the comment all of it please like too

  5. Why didn’t you grab the survivor instinct?

  6. i failed at chapter 103 at 13~14minutes when a bunch of lasers shooting to me ,i was running like a dog but still fail for 5 times , T_T

  7. Used 3 revives on 103. That was the only challenge on these new maps. It wack that you have to nerf yourself to have any fun because Habby broke their own game.

  8. does anyone know how is his void power bubble so big?

  9. How can most of your attacks be crits without the survivor instinct ?
    I know that the gloves give 20% and you have the lucky kill skill for king, and the key evolve to have 8%, but what is giving you more chance to crit ?

  10. Noooo nobody should cyberbully you bro, they're not worth it! grtsss TDay from the discord x

  11. wouldn't a lightchaser or bat remove the laser threat? why go for a void power when you have better options?

  12. i thought you use the Energy Cube while using VP 😅

  13. What's causing you heal to so much every second?

  14. Wt happed to anniversary's celebration talent points?
    I had 14 k points and now Iam unable to view it

  15. Can you make a guide on how to beat the moonlight life event where we need to defend the small base?

  16. @phasecast I use the voidwalker belt. With the 3rd astral affect, and it literally makes you invincible when you run through mobs, the belt extends invincibility for every minion you kill while hardened, and it instakills minions on collision/hit the void pool under your feet. You can do every chapter and take no damage with that belt.

  17. how much you get per hour in quick patrol ?

  18. Hi, have you tried SoD here? Cause i really want to build 1 weapon only cause I'm only f2p. I cant waste resources. Thankss

  19. I just started , on chapter 8 with 3 S tier items. I feel like I’m doing pretty good for myself but definitely ain’t ready for shit like this😂

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