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Complete Pro Guide! Tips & Tricks for

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I give a full run down on everything you need to be a “pro” in Over the past few months I’ve gone from zero to hero in this game and I wanted to share some of the tips & tricks I’ve discovered on my journey. I didn’t feel like doing too much editing today so I decided to upload it essentially raw (besides cuts). If you would like more videos like this, leave a like and subscribe! Related games: PUBG, Fortnite, etc.

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  1. U can see the M249 in the bottom right corner. 😀

  2. Thanks this helped alot first game i got 10 kills in duos

  3. I like these tips really useful for beginners.

  4. Tons of youtuber and streamer that Arena better than you. Bro this game is almost dead

  5. Instead of quick-switching I call it insta-swaping

  6. Thank you for those tips I think that I got better than I was already

  7. septus why did you have to kill septus games he was so young and had so much potential😢

  8. Now you have to learn how to worm like Mustang 😉

  9. Who else’s ideal combo without rare guns is MP220 and M416

  10. My most common combo is MP5 + Dual Glocks or MP5 + MP220
    Edit: Trust me they are good I have gotten at least 30+ wins with that combo

  11. oh look its the guy that carried me in squads and killed me with my own grenades giving tips

  12. I don’t need this guide, always been good at quickswitching and aiming (practically as good as Septus) Great video still!

  13. hey i am really good at quick switch and i won with two m870 its like a saiga 12 with 10 bullets, too powerful✌

  14. Can you rank the skins and rank the guns again since they added a lot

  15. 2 things to note:
    1. 1:31, the map can also be accessed by pressing G
    2. 2:04, "Barn?"

  16. holey moley!!!! nearly half of your subs watched this in the first 3 hours!!!

  17. Here world's best combo saiga-12 and m249

  18. My favorite combo that isn't too rare is the AK-47 and the MP220. My favorite gun that isn't rare is the MP220 because I'm One Pump Man. Frags are really useful, too.

  19. If you are fast, I can get high kills and a dub every game by "overlooting" . You should NEVER underloot. Always get everything unless it's not necessary at all.

  20. Wew I used the tip about where to go loot if you spawn early or late. I definitely feel a bit better about how fewer times I died using that tip XD. Definitely getting better with EMR and I’m learning the tricks of every gun. Yeeeep, practice definitely helps. Awesome tips, thanks for yer another great vid!

  21. I could have told me u responded to her

  22. its possible! i got the best solo squads win ever i got a double m249 as soon as i saw the first one my heart dropped and then i picked up an 8x scope and i saw in the redzone another m249 so i went to hide in a bush to screen shot when i finished screenshoting 200 bullets rained down on enemies and i got a 12 kill win then i screenshoted somemore

  23. well it was basically a solo squads because all my teamates died in the first minute

  24. Hey skeptics your a great player can you check my channel and tell me how I'm doing (it would make My day) 🙂


  26. the way to use grenades is by counting to like 2 or 3 depending on how far you are from your target. a grenade takes a full 4 secs to explode. use it for close range only if you have low health, to hopefully make them start running away, which gives you time to heal. thats all i have for grenade tips. smoke grenades should only be used if you have adrenaline. if you start smokig and healing , you might be found because when smokes start its small. the adrenaline lets u heal while you anre dodging, and maybe start running/ if your opponent comes in the smoke. mirvs are just like grenades so use them wisely.those are all my grenade tips

  27. Killing the Bad Players is bad cause the better players can kill u. I prefer to kill the better players then the bad players which will be EZ!!

  28. Thank Septus!! This vid helped a lot!! Another Youtuber I would tell people about is SV-98 Gaming -YT OR SV-98 Gaming. ( Probably The First One Tho.) He doesn't really explain, but you can learn a lot by his gameplay and movements, kind of like how u were explaining it.

  29. my ideal weapons is the M1100 or the other M shotgun, forgot the numbers, and MP5.

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