COMPLETE Ratatoxic Guide - BEST Skills & Equipment For MAXIMUM DAMAGE | -

COMPLETE Ratatoxic Guide – BEST Skills & Equipment For MAXIMUM DAMAGE |

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Here are real tips from a real player with real equipment to help you get time most damage against the newest Ender’s Echo boss in #Survivorio Ratatoxic! In this video, we will talk about the best survivors to use, the best weapon to use, the best equipment to use, and the best skills to use against Ratatoxic, and then we’ll go over the best strategies in real time!

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  1. My boi Phasecast with the gems 💎💎🔥🔥🔥🤑🤑😈

  2. My best single run on Ratatoxic so far was a 2.5B+ run. Super difficult to get dmg up after the last round of changes to the bosses

  3. I got all my progress back I have katana should I use my lvl 30 excellent revolver

  4. Question: what r the passive effects that the eternal necklace buffs?

  5. I just got the void waker handguards from an EDF supply crate. It makes bosses a little easier since it does 50% more damage against bosses and elites. I am currently on stage 47. Also nice guide

  6. I honestly dislike the drones for this boss for a few reason.

    1. Boss is highly mobile, meaning more often than not, it is out of range of the drones.

    2. Drones are not particularly good at dealing with mobs and this boss summon a lot, and I mean a lot.

    Having said that, molotov, bricks, drill and caltrop with red tech part is good. Laser is also decent if you have red tech part and void boots.

    I havent test my red katana yet or the revolver, they might be better than the kunai.

  7. Try to grab as much gold coins as possible to get spirit shuriken during the first minute, it really helps to get highest damage in total

  8. I legit thought that I would see the Sunset Tyrant again, but didn't. : – )

  9. Should try different weapons and skills that are less single target damage. By the looks of it, this might be an aoe friendly boss

  10. Hey phase can you please answer this for me, Ive been saving my gems for a month for the eternal choice chest but I don’t see them I dont want to spend them and get void walker stuff

  11. Holy cow I hope I never get you in my server hahaha

  12. i think eternal boots are better in rank mode… i used common (lv.89) made 10.2B dmg toal with kunai (grade red 2) i think the eternal flames can avoid the poison dmg, and they can help me make dmg to the boss

  13. i tried flames to take out the poison
    but has no effect 😅
    I'll try the laser later 🙂👍
    awesome guide as always 👌

  14. I couldn't here the sound of the video for some reason hope it doesn't happen again

  15. The Kunai struggles here with the constant mob spawns. I am not sure if that is the boss or because of the shortened time. This boss still manages to be annoying all on his own though. A tunneling boss in Ender’s Echo is just mean.

  16. So happy to have new bosses. The Steelgnasher, Mad Megazard, Zombie Rider and King Bruin ones were cool, but it was time for a change. Do you think we’ll get Manager, Dystopian King and Sapper Worm bosses soon?

  17. Does the Exp the scroll give overall exp at the end of the game and not the level in game?

  18. 😢my damage is total of 300m only in one try.

  19. For Enders echo what’s the big difference?

    I have purple lvl 2 eternal gloves and yellow lvl leather gloves. Not sure which Crits more

  20. I used LC for this EE boss and did better than with kunai

  21. Oh ok so I just need to spend an entire paycheck on this to do damage silly me

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