COMPLETE Void Power Guide - BEST Hero, Skills, & Equipment! -

COMPLETE Void Power Guide – BEST Hero, Skills, & Equipment!

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In this Void Power weapon guide, we cover the best hero to use with it, the best equipment, and the best skills. Then, we take it to the battlefield and discuss the best strategies!


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  1. Was wondering how the hell do i get glum nova.
    Nowhere else could find that info
    U just got +1 like and sub just for that info
    Ur the man ✌️

  2. Wish I could get the void power I can’t get it too save my life

  3. If I had a dollar for every time he says void power weapon I’d be rich

  4. So I decided to grab another light chaser from the newest event, so I can get my first epic weapon. Decided to grab as many chest pieces as possible and passed on the VP. Then once the event ended I grabbed my first S VP from a EDF CHEST 😂 what are the odds!!

  5. I earned it through the event like a real gamer ❤ it’s a cool weapon and game changer. Been clearing chapters like nothing

  6. Is it worth spending 30$ to get the rest of the roses I need?

  7. If void power is not the best weapon ,so what's the best weapon

  8. Would you do the same guide for Lighchaser please?

  9. I bought the void power weapon yesterday and in my opinion its great in almost everything.

  10. my first void weapon I just got lucky from a chest and now I was able to get this second one to bring it to yellow so that’s nice

  11. Love your content. I grinded hard for that thing. I still prefer my excellent grade Kunai for some reason. I hate firing into walls while dodging bosses with Void Power

  12. I got void power in one day, thank you valentine event😁

    Even light chaser from the 100 Lottery chest thingy

  13. If u shoot the void power on a boss when it’s about to shot a projectiles, it stops that projectile

  14. nooo!!! I'm so late!!! And I'm still too poor to get the void power weapon!!!111one

  15. Did i just saw The Energy Shield blow for 22m damage!! @@

  16. Hey Phasecast I don’t know if you’ll see this or not but Is there any way that you might be able to make a video on the best gears for the void power

  17. I'm 96/100 in getting the chest, what S-grade item should i get? I got all the Eternal set except for boots, and I also have the Void Power weapon. I'm missing Light chaser and eternal boots. Should i get the eternal boots since I already have the void power? or should i get the Voidwalker treads just like your setup?

  18. Am in chapter 13 (ftp)and i just got it ,shit is op af
    Game went from hard to ez 🗿

  19. i found VP as a boring weapon but sure I'll upgrade to yellow when possible but not my on the go weapons. still love the LC.

  20. Void Power is insane for survival. If you keep failing a chapter with Kunai or Light Chaser, give VP a try. I use it with 1-ton Brick and Guardian for the knockback and it keeps mobs away from you.

  21. Also phasecast do elites do collision damage in the black hole?

  22. When I use void power, I usually match it with drone,lightning,missle and arrow. basically single target skills to compensate for boss damage. For mobs void could handle it alone, maybe except the blue fire lizard. I use guardian with tech part for extra knockback for the lizard.

  23. I got Void power in my first s class pull lol, i'm planning to get the void power in the event, but instead i got it in the s box…..Thanks for the guide man

  24. Neogenesis messes up bosses so badly because the way they intentionally shatter energy veils backfire towards them and they take a considerable amount of damage.

  25. Please help I finally got the void weapon And I've been sitting on a light chaser But I got the Box From the lottery and I can choose either one light chaser or 1 void weapon but I don't know which 1 I should pick

  26. I'm torn in choosing between void power and light chaser. I can only choose 1 tu upgrade to yellow. And i don't know what to choose.

    I guess the box will not be open for a while lol 😂

  27. I need 100 more roses until I can get a void power. When I do get it I'm gonna merge with my other void power I got lucky out of an S grade crate and create an epic I'm so exited

  28. Did you know, now you can purchase Catnips for 6,000 Gems

  29. I am getting crushed in the trials chapters 77-80. Any advice on tech parts? Cuz this is looking UGLY 😅😂

  30. The chonk lizard, blue or red… They get vaccumed to the black hole and flying

  31. While trying to get kills in chapter 4, one day I used void power and metal neckguard and I got HE fuel as the first passive skill and got it to five stars. In the same run I also got exo bracer and energy cube to five stars. It was insane.

  32. For me, I feel the best setup to go with void power:

    For clearing normal stages & daily challenges,
    Survivor: Common / Tsukuyomi (Preferred)
    Equipment: Void Power, Eternal Suit, Eternal Necklace, Eternal Belt, Voidwaker Handguards, Voidwaker Treads
    Tech Parts (Attack): Phase Converter, Antimatter Generator, Precision Device
    Tech Parts (Defense): Hi-Maintainer, Nanobot, Exo-skeleton
    Weapons Skills:
    Moonshade Slash (Protects Survivor from near mobs at early stages, due to long cd from Void Power) – DO NOT NEED TO max or EVO.
    Type A Drone: Best damage long run output
    Type B Drone: Best damage long run output
    Drill Shot: Combines well with Voidwaker Handguards to do the instakills at the same time, it's counterpart supplies, Armor Thruster speed up our Void Power shots.
    Durian: Combines well with Voidwaker Handguards to do the instakills at the same time, it's counterpart supplies, HE Fuel, to extend the range of damage for our Void Power shots
    Lightning Emitter: Highest single target damage, with it's counterpart supplies, Energy Cube, to reduce CD for our Void Power shots

    After the Drones EVO,

    Can choose between RPG or Guardian.

    Exo-Bracer, Energy Cube, Armor Thruster, Hi-Power Magnet (to suck up all the bio-fuel for quicker leveling) , Hi Power Fuel(Increase damage output),

    For last supply,

    Depending on the situation, if i need more HP, Fitness Guide. if i need more speed to run around, Sports Shoes. if i need more HP recovery, Energy Drink. Keeping it flexible.

  33. I love this weapons, but I hate when fight the blue lizard with fire😂

  34. hi, random question do you know how can i transfer my account to another device?

  35. I use Tsukyomi w/ Void Power because the Moonhalo Slash kills monsters very well around your hero while the Void Power is focused on the directon you're looking at.

  36. How do you increase the “star level” skills in the heroes? I haven’t been able to figure that one out yet

  37. Dude give me the link of the hack for this app thanks

  38. Common survivor got this passive 3% dmg but what about Tsukuyomi bonus at 40lvl? There is +5% ATK. Is not better anyway?

  39. I'm trying to get my second void power to get it epic

  40. Seems like energy shield only do damage to boss when it shattered, but when it comes to elite monster or normal mob, its just act as a shiled with deal no damage when the shield shattered/explode, or maybe when upgrade to legendary vp, maybe something will change

  41. I keep taking damage from mobs even when im directly in the middle of the black hole… is my gun broken??

  42. My problem with games like this is you either have to play 8 hours a day for a year, or spending 10K to get good. There’s gotta be an in between. Hell I’ll pay $30 to play this game without micro transactions. Micros just ruined gaming

  43. Honestly, my worst enemy in survivor has to be those dino-lizard things. I hate them since not even the black holes or energy veils can stop the fire.

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