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Disclaimer: SOME OF THESE BUGS HAVE BEEN PATCHED IN THE MEAN TIME. If you waste your time trying to find them, its not my fault…

11 of the best bugs and glitches in! I didn’t include the silo shack wall bug, because everybody knows that and its not that cool…

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Links to the videos I used in this:


  1. Thanks to the wiki for contributing these facts! Remember to like and subscribe 🙂 Lets get to 600 soon!

  2. 1:45 I've containers like that in winter mode and there's a M134 minigun inside one of them

  3. Those were bizarre! Keep up the good work! U should do a video where u only can shoot at players while making your shots trick shots. (If that makes sense).

  4. The textures not loading and showing black instead gives me anxiety 😬

  5. All this bug and glitch i know
    But good video

  6. when u playing surviv and got the eye what is mean?

  7. Another day I went through the glass bunker (Garden) xD

  8. and sometimes when I played survive in cobalt mode I find the radio not in bunker I find it on land howww lmao

  9. wait! if you shoot an air drop in an eye, the eye will break.

  10. The only bugs I get ruin my game lol, nice vid! 🙂

  11. 116 like :0 this video isnt even that good LOL (IM JUST KIDDING LOL DONT BULLY THIS VIDEO IS POGGERS)

  12. Looks badass with black textures lmao 😂

  13. Oh look twin bunker
    Fun fact:twin bunker only can access by the twin

  14. if u hop into a game with a friend and u knock ur self out and make the other person leave u can be knocked by ur self

  15. locker thing is true , ive been glitched through it numerous times

  16. 1:40 2020 winter update when its not even october yet??? hold up…

  17. You can also glitch through the club safe, happened to me LOL

  18. Cool, I didn't even know about some of these! 🙂

  19. It’s possible to spawn in the bank vault. It’s only happened to me once in classic squads. It’s rare but it can happen.

  20. lol i got into a bug like the tenth bug in the video, the river borders like cutted and got smaller
    image in the wiki ping me in apost i will show it

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