DAY 1 vs DAY 100 in SURVIV.IO! || Noob vs Pro - -

DAY 1 vs DAY 100 in SURVIV.IO! || Noob vs Pro –

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Day 1 vs Day 10 vs Day 100 in Add me on discord: IHASPROS#1500
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Time Stamps:

0:00 Day 1
2:10 Day 10
5:40 Day 100
9:37 Killing hacker
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  1. The noob don't quick switch, this will me triggered XD

  2. 0:13 so u don't know u already have the vest but u know how to emote? BRUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  3. 0:521:12… wow… imagine a noob stole ur kill and finished u when ur knocked by a random guy XD

  4. on my first day I used right click to shoot. it brought up the emote wheel.

  5. 1:42 hey… that's not a day 1 noob, that's an undercover pro

  6. I play this game a few years, and I'm still a noob. Don't ask why…

  7. enter 1 in the reply if u played more than 200 days but still worse than the day 10

  8. I think it is very hard to pretend as a noob

  9. Hope there are surviv io championship

  10. your server have many noob but my server has a lot of hacker and pro

  11. IHASPROS afer 100 days : super god pro
    me after almost 4 year: still a big noob

  12. Day 1(me): PC lagging because of too much damage

  13. a noob get 9 kills ?????????????? what the hell >:D lucky noob

  14. 1:36 the noob have manners, they closed the door after entering

  15. this annoys me, because you are to pro to be noob in it. you actually shoot with aim! i have a friend who litterally will shoot 5 actual inches away from where the person is on the screen!

  16. also noob doesn't know that DEagle is good

  17. I was a day 100 player until I quit bc all the hackers. Can anyone tell me if there are less hackers now?

  18. also you still haven't done the 'IHASPROS GOD LEVEL' day yet.

  19. I have noticed that the 'noobs' act very strange and act like bots, but their aim for some reason is really gud

  20. This game is ded, 4 hackers in the lobby lag sweats and teamera

  21. you forgot hitting ovens till the explode themselves

  22. Мало что я уже играю 4года в сурвив ио

  23. you know what? it is 2 month later that i started this game and still is terrible at Mosin

  24. can you make video to "how to be a pro?" i like to be pro. And can you say your key controls.

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