Dear, this has gone too far... -

Dear, this has gone too far…

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It’s a shame this is happening. I feel bad for all those who play this game for fun but it’s getting to the point where it can become unplayable. I’ve seen good people quit games due to this reason. And who knows, your favorite player may see the same fate. #stopthehacks

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  1. i hate that and the problem is that most of them use alts so they cant ban them :C

  2. I've said this before but the devs should use a browser version of easy anti cheat

  3. I've met 2 hackers in my surviv life

    If only hacking plugins lagged the game by update and lag permanently or a hack which disables other hacks mapwide

    Edit: 2? Never mind…

  4. so aII the other bots foIIow that one guy, damn this is scary

  5. the same thing hpend to me all 4 where spining and had snipers ther names where hunter .:(

  6. Конечно тут мало русского комьюнити но даже у нас есть читеры

  7. The Hackers Noticed the AK-47 Stone… BUT didnt notice the mosin Tree

  8. hackers part why am watching this siper part amazing

  9. why there's some guys never play a game for joy and fun instead of winning =(((

  10. Maybe they are ajust too good (>:)

    look from both sides

  11. Well now the recent update now no one can use cheats
    Good job developers!!

  12. It seems now the devs only care about the money. Because im still dying from hackers everyday and potato mode and the sniper mode are of worst ones with hackers in them.
    Im afraid that they wont fix this stuff seems more and more becoming like
    This is sad

  13. this me hack [ 1 download ice hack 2 true FollowBot 3 this clon]

  14. For a few days now the number of squad hacker like shown in the video exploded… Even whit a Awm-s its almost impossible to win against this.

    Teaming in Solo, i can live whit that but this, it just kill the game… Got a nice 15 kills and was about to beat my record when this bastard showed up in 1v1 ( well… 1v4* )

  15. that what u guys fucking so pro and hacker want to destroy the fucking quicking switcher sniper SO ANNOYING SNIPER AIM

  16. This happens when people like you keep making fun of players

  17. did you know why they hack, because everytime when they got killed by pro player and then he spin like doing us rage when they killing us, I HATE EVERYTIME WHEN THEY DOING THAT SO I STARTED TO BE HACKER AND THEN DO AS SAME THING SPIN DOING THEY RAGE, this what i hate when pro player begin rage to poor player. #stopthepro

  18. pro player is bad person as i know, because they doing you rage when you died in

  19. so why they must spin everytime killed the player

  20. yea hacker are good, pro player take all fun of it ban wave pro player now kong

  21. I never meet hackers every week. I want to meet several a day. I katana'd a melee locker and saiga'd a vector guy

  22. dude, i kill hackers like they're noobs(they are) its linda ez, use a melee some melees that are useful against hackers are, mechete, katana, naginata, and pan.if you know that they are low, you can attack them with what you have(except for m9 or ot-38) how do you know if they are low? if you see a hacker that just killed some random person, if they immediately heal, that means they're low(or just trying to trick you to attacking them) you can use a m134(minigun) or just any semi-auto gun or any sniper you have. or just use a gernade. knowing this, its much easier deal with hackers, i really hope this helps you with hackers. 😉

  23. F in the chat to kill HAckerS from the surviv community !!!

  24. Lol. A went frag fiesta and managed to kill myself and 2 hackers/script users. Some random guy ended up reking them with the pan.

  25. Hacker without hacks= afk or self shooting noob

  26. the thing is i can imagine them being a being able to actually have fun using the hacks like they dont get the normal satisfaction of getting a kill doesnt make it fun for them or anyone this sucks yesterday i lost 7 straight about to be 10+ kills games to hackers

  27. Bro what f****ng noobs, cant even get a kill without their hacks, ez targets

  28. not hackr, I could do that if I set my sensitivity to that level and then spin around

  29. The guy at 4:19 is a true tragic hero. Even faced with an inevitable death he remained calm, spoke the truth (the poop emot) and rejected evil.

  30. OMG, 4 hackers in a game, if you win that game, I will give you 1000000$!

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