Dear, this has gone too far... -

Dear, this has gone too far…

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It’s a shame this is happening. I feel bad for all those who play this game for fun but it’s getting to the point where it can become unplayable. I’ve seen good people quit games due to this reason. And who knows, your favorite player may see the same fate. #stopthehacks

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  1. There you have it kids. Stay in school, don't be a pathetic hacker. It'll get you nothing that skill will. Stay to single player games if you must hack 🙂

  2. Haven't played this game since covid19 started. Ahhh, hackers ruining, I hate them. Only tactic of mine is luring them in the middle of four squads then helping get rid of them by throwing grenades and using snipers.

  3. If I may ask, why is the spin hack bad?

  4. Damn these hackers. They have no skill, that's why they use hacks.

  5. i am so mad at the hackers they should go to jail

  6. wtf is thisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  7. sorry to say siper i dont think we can stop these hackers 🙁 if we could how?

  8. By this point hacks have literally become the game. Everyone runs autoclickers and so many fucking people run speed scripts that make them run the same speed holding the sv98 if you were holding a knife. Then there are the health hacks that make you take less damage and heal faster, and the hacks that give you adrenaline. Those hacks are the hidden ones that you only see post death, the heavy aimbot ones are getting more common, and they usually run like a million of these scripts to get their double digits kds. I feel awful for the new players who can't even get into the game bc the hackers completely ruin. I'm a good player and can't stop these hackers, imagine a newbie without a mouse trying to fight these guys. Oh and the worst and more common one is melee aimbot. They super Saiyan to you and three hit you while spinning. Fuckifn awful

  9. Hey there – we're certainly aware, and are investigating and working towards fixes. We don't want players to be having this experience either!

  10. I found that they are clones,because i saw when hacker1 attack,then another clones will attack in same target.

  11. Ever seen a hacker get 15 kills in the first 30 seconds of the game?

  12. Look at that 15 armed monster. Disgrace to . Also you can report them with their ids in the surviv discord server. Imma play codm until they fking stop

  13. Thank you for showing some legit footage after the clips of the hackers. That was hard to watch.

  14. why i just learned how to play and this hacker,s just killing me.

  15. Also, the players look high on crack or ketamine No wonder LOL

  16. this is actually so fucking funny holy shit i havent laughed this hard in ages

  17. Why cant hackers just get better at the game instead of just using hacks for wins

  18. It is funny that siper's name was eliminate hakrs even though he uses hacks including switching hacks. So would that be suicide?

  19. Bruh literally just shoot them when the all collapse into each other

  20. if we do hackers vs us lets go tryhard we end THEM!

  21. we all need to get better at surviv io so we can elimate hackers we hate THEM!

  22. this is why i quit. This needs to be stopped asap

  23. they hackers are soo annoying im always leaving them in low health when they kill me

  24. I don’t think they’re hacking. I think they are just spinning super fast. If they had a pan they would be almost unstoppable.

  25. i hate that and the problem is that most of them use alts so they cant ban them :C

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