Dear, this has gone too far... -

Dear, this has gone too far…

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It’s a shame this is happening. I feel bad for all those who play this game for fun but it’s getting to the point where it can become unplayable. I’ve seen good people quit games due to this reason. And who knows, your favorite player may see the same fate. #stopthehacks

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  1. I fought with these hackers
    With my teammate last week

    We only killed 2 of these guys

    Hackers make the game so boring
    They only hack because they don't have any skill in games

  2. This is why i dont play squad mode anymore… I used to love it…

  3. Please dear surviv owner, can you make an update about SAC (SurvivorsAntiCheat)…


  4. I already saw them before in a game and this is not whrite bro

  5. survivio should finally do ip bans on WiFi or internet, device, or cellular data

  6. I just think it’s sad that hacking is the only way to win for some people.

    Not to those people: I have been playing this game for four years. And I only started winning in the late of the second year. I started winning because I PRACTICED!!! Practice makes perfect. The only way to be a TRUE winner is to do it with out hacking. Please stop ruining the game for everyone. You make a lot of enemies this way, and hacks won’t be able to save from them. You will be banned, or targeted every game. Soon the hacks won’t be enough to get you wins. You will be to reliant on the hacks that once they patch it up, you won’t be able to get any wins. And, like some people I know, you might blame it on your teammates instead of you. You will think that you are amazing. But you are NOT. Hacks are just like drugs. If you like drugs, you become reliant on them to make you feel better. Hacking is the same concept. But it is not a lasting happiness or joy. You will get a loss or the creators will patch the hacks and you will feel bad about yourself because you think hacking is the only way to win. But it is not. Like I said before, it took me almost 2 years to win solos. And almost as long to win in duo’s( with out having either a REALLY good person caring me, or a hacker). So just quit hacking. Just play the game normally. Like it is supposed to be played. Please. And stop ruining the game for everyone else. What happens when hacking pushes all the players away? Will you move onto another game once surviv is shut down because no one plays it anymore because of hacking? Will you ruin someone’s lofe on a game just because you are to selfish and lazy to play a little harder to win? Then I must ask you one thing, what the heck is wrong with you.
    I am an introvert. I am not that great at talking with people that I don’t know. I hate talking in front of large groups, and I would rather reads or play some video games or some sports instead of talking. But hackers ruin my livelihood. They think they are so "cool" because they can hack. But you are not. You are just another human being that tried to win illegally. So PLEAAASE spare the people that read the comments because I don’t feel like doing another lesson again.

    P.S. sorry about the ranting. I just had to get it off my chest and tell the hackers how ( I’m sure) most of us feel about the hackers

    Please like and comment if you agree or disagree with any of the points I had said(typed)

  7. the media: so how many guns have you used?
    me a surviv veteran who has played for a year: y e s

  8. First off, they’re exploiting, NOT HACKING?!!!
    And second of all, learn the definitions of the words you use since they’re probably wrong

  9. Wow, I haven´t seen this yet on squads but I have seen certain users using aimbot. Though I must say there could be some funny troll videos if you were able to toss grenades and blow the entire squad up since they are all together.

  10. I mean, this is sad,

    but they aren't hackers, they're script users

    huge difference

  11. The first few seconds I be like : There pros , then , hacker dude

  12. I don't really care, I can still kill the hackers, because I'm pro B-D

  13. Hackers suck 🙁 They always ruin the game
    1 like on the vid = 1 Day of peace

  14. Spin hacks doesn't even do a thing, I only hate aimbot hack

  15. Деспасито Деспаситников says:

    These player spins… Kill me ples ;-;

  16. imagine 1 random nade from a bot kill all of them

  17. I knew this happened in but in surviv? great not multi boxers if thats whats going on

  18. I had someone who was like that in a game and it stole all my loot and ammo and it was funny but so annoying!

  19. The game is starting to be like This is very stupid. Way too many hackers


  20. This is somehow even worse than Multiboxing in
    I warned this community many times that this game would turn to shit if devs did little to nothing to fix flaws and hacks, yet as usual no one listened to me.

  21. This is exactly why siper left in the first place…. let’s pray he fights it

  22. this is real and it happened to me like the lastes 5 days

  23. I hate when people hack it just destroy the game

  24. The only way to beat hackers are grenades, but only in solo, rare in duo but never in squad. Actually only because of this I'm never play in squads


  26. Imagine being so bad at the game you need to hack and instead of finding good players to kill in unfair matches its just hackers vs. more hackers

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