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An update has been released on Surviv.io to tackle the hackers and aimbots. Does it work?

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  1. these hacker somehow see me when im hidden in the bush, and the hacker has 8x scope and i just got 15x scope and they still see me from very far

  2. Good video, i want a second video "war vs hacker" with paywax and laywax
    Tank and good job

  3. Awm's + splinter rounds = 1 hits every player that touches 3 awms shot

  4. I haven't came across one but i came across pro players which I thought were hackers

  5. No they didnt cancel hackers i crossed 10 of them today

  6. Also they way to defeat these hackers with fist is to stay still and punch very helpful

  7. This was a good game it was fun while it lasted 🙁

  8. You know I just had a thought, why not back their hacks. Just make a hack that when hey kill you a sort of hatch killer will completely just disable the hacks they use and I mean all of the hacks

  9. So I play online and there aren't many hackers theres only like one per 4 or 5 games you might want to try it

  10. Yes! Another surviv video (even tho it was abt hackers) 🙁

  11. I wish hackers could just go die to a barrel, ya know?

  12. I hate it when I'm just good and I kill a hacker and they report me cause their just a sore loser

  13. i've seen a player, he hacked but he did not log in

  14. No hackers are not all gone cuz i did a experiment that i can still hack

  15. The legend is here to take revenge and the legend shall never die because Legends Never Die, they become a part of you, can you hear them screaming out your name while they die. Stupid hackers. revege is coming for you hackers.

  16. please fight gamerio once 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  17. imagine surviv having admins playing and they can ban forever a hacker in a game

  18. кто русский тут?

  19. спасибо что остался на ютубе и боришься с читерами🤗😘

    thanks for staying on YouTube and fighting with cheaters🤗😘

  20. Bc she doesn’t upload anymore I been sub for a long time

  21. When your on mobile so u don’t have these problems


  23. I quit surviv but I go wait the season ends lol

  24. surviv io sucks now play krunker io its better

  25. As a wise man once said, "Do what is right, not what is easy."

  26. Sry for advertising but we need your help to destroy bots reply to this message if you want to join us bot slayers on discord (it's ok if you say no) 🙂

  27. My brother got banned lol and he doesn’t hack I just think there lazy and ban anyone who gets reported I haven’t got reported so my account is still here

  28. LANDY has many accounts to cheat with he is unstopable

  29. Yeah this prestige thing didn't change anything. I think they should have players like you be able to just ban them on the spot. lol

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