Dropping grenades in the bunker until it Explodes! | surviv.io - glimmergame.com

Dropping grenades in the bunker until it Explodes! | surviv.io

sv-98 gaming
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Huge thanks to: Seol, dalone, Mario Crx, fetus man, cattermelon, and the rest of BRUH
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  1. YES THIS IS AWESOME THIS IS EVERYTHING I HAVE DREAMED OF! truly spectacular and satisfying nice video sv-98!

  2. Nobody gonna talk about that cake at the end?
    Discord: Anything™#0570

  3. For some reason, ur K/G is trash, how are u in BRUH?

  4. i love this vid. All the grenades just bursted out of the bunker

  5. I live how ur challenge was to do grenade damage lmao

  6. Imagine standing on a pile of nades' in a BUNKER!

  7. Who remembers when you could made your teammates?

  8. the moment when all the nades felt in there was insane! holy crap!

  9. Say hello to May little friend

    This is about grennades not guns

  10. I seen you guys doing this LOL 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Hey this is just bunker's baby grenades 😂😂😂😂😂Bunker is born grenades 😂😂

  12. hmm my favorite part was the cake in the end


  14. un buen vido un poco mas de apoño no estaria nada mal

  15. 15 scope is like hacking the game with a user script lol

  16. No one:
    The beginning of this vid: Harder Better Faster Stronger

  17. sv_98 gaming vs hacker

  18. lmaooo I saw that room full of grenades and I was just very confused

  19. Me: oh my god, this is da best troll! Nades vs tank!
    Me: *Sees cake O.O

  20. You know what you should've done?

    After gathering so much grenades, you should keep throwing them out the window!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. lets vote if SV should play with iHASYOU.
    voting rule: Based on likes/dislikes for this comment

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