Dropping grenades in the bunker until it Explodes! | surviv.io - glimmergame.com

Dropping grenades in the bunker until it Explodes! | surviv.io

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  1. best surviv video ive seen in a long time! Previous: using only yellow ammo

  2. Bro your videos r very good but can u also tell me how get views on surviv.io videos and also how to play events more than 1 day

  3. LOLLLLL he died with your nades 😆 And GG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want part 2 !!!!!!!!!!! Please like guys please

  4. i felt so bad for the last guy, he was such a tryhard, but face the grenading bois, he could do nothing😂😂

  5. I have been waiting for this video my whole life

  6. play this game if you want to lose every single time to an aimbotter. This game is trash.

  7. Yooo this is actually hilarious, I enjoyed this one 🔥

  8. The first time it came out with the new grenade guy I did this before any YouTubed did it jd I said this would be a great YouTube video and it was!!!

  9. Me and my friend did this, the other guy committed suicide to let us win 🙂

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