*DUAL P30L IS BROKEN (beach mode) !!! | Surviv.io - glimmergame.com

*DUAL P30L IS BROKEN (beach mode) !!! | Surviv.io

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Hey everyone, I found a 2 years old game that I did with dual p30l !!! I got 20kills but could get more ): enjoy !
– You can join NEW TANKALTY CLAN now [not top 3 anymore clan] !!!
Code : 3727d44e
– My discord server :
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– Music used in the intro :
– YodCroissant – Windwalk :

– Music used in the video :
– Unison – Aperture [NCS Release] :

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  1. For the ones who did not understand what happened, this guy head-shoted me with a SV and killed me

  2. im sad that i never played beach mode, now its gone forever (?)

  3. Sup p30 did a such huge damage and beach mode is back

  4. gg! I hope they release again this mode

  5. for a second i was shocked when beach mode is back, but it`s an old gameplaymy dissapointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

  6. I remember when I consumed 23 Popsicles and zoomed across the map 😂

  7. I play on mobile now and I barely remember this event but the duel p3s are insane

  8. First
    R.I.P [TA] clan
    And Sakupen hell NCR

  9. nice long time since beach mode was online 😥

  10. pity you lost in the end to a noob with sv

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