*EPIC* BEST LOOT LOCATION in Surviv.io - glimmergame.com


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  1. Lol hello everybody like if you are seeing this vid lol

  2. Guys guess what i got a mini gun and then i accident clicked the leave botton ;-;

  3. Do y’all realize helmets are to protect u from headshots so if u have a level 3 helmet it only protects you from head shots. Just pointing out ps I got double Awms and M249 and Awms not being cocky lmao😂

  4. Must fell so good to click bait 5 year Olds who see the thumnail

  5. Guess what we found? I just found ur main channel…you should play battle cats in English btw

  6. UR'S hairstyle and ur's stylew is cool but u make us laugh 🙂 i laugh everytime when u say oh no! lul sry but u makeme laugh and to other's

  7. i like Saiga- 12 cuz it has 5 shot's and fires speedly i wish it would be everywhere i told u comment about awm-s 15x scope qbb- the amoos of saiga -12 saiga – 12 i love it i want tyth saigas ammo and gun should be everywhere

  8. You dont't doing headshots. They all have Helmets

  9. Wooooooooo00000000w u r the best ! i love ur vid so mach <3

  10. NOOO i just realized u have another channel thats way bigger than this one

  11. Idk if this helps but the flare gun summons a airdrop 🤗

  12. At 0:32, you can just punch the control panel once. the control panel is the stove looking thing with the red button. it opens all of the doors so you dont have to punch through walls. The same goes in the underwater bunker, to open the area with the wood axe.

  13. Nah the silence SCAR-H IS THE BEST


  15. The only people that play theses games are middle schooler during class

  16. Roses are red,
    Violets are blue, i Cole for the thumbnail and so did you 😉

  17. 4:42 u missed a MRV grenade( that’s what I think it is) and then 4:53 u got it!

  18. Minut 2:23
    If you see spanish you see hostipal:greg is next
    Greg:what are the problem with my head
    Doctor:you head is dead becusa you angry with a game surviv.io

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