Escaping PRISON in! | Surviv Story Part 1 -

Escaping PRISON in! | Surviv Story Part 1

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Escaping PRISON in! | ( Prison Break)

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  1. Have you ever killed or been killed by FaZe Cappuccino

  2. do robbing the bank or assassinating the crazy rich person (in the mansion)

  3. you are in prison and you do not know what the cell is open🤣👍good video

  4. Я играл с ним я видео

  5. Video Ideas:

    Bunker invasion

    Saving inmates

    Suicide Bomber (or kamikaze because Japan)

  6. Hey have I played with you before? I'm Qwertyiou :3

  7. Story Idea: You're trying to become a Samurai and you're grand master gets under attack by ninjas andhe trys to fight them off but it isn't enough and he dies after you find out hes dead you go on a killing spree and kill them all!!!! 😀

  8. Anyone got a mini gun from a regular box.I got one from a regular box

  9. I got a 15 x scope and I was to happy and I die by happiness in surviv io

  10. طبخات توتو/ Taghrid Darwich/ Tebkhattoto says:

    Can you make a video about the purge?

  11. Could you do a story that tell about the pan man XD

  12. You should do a treasure hunting video where you are “hunting” for chests. (Basically chests only challenge)

  13. Bank robbery, mansion secret, the last ship of the docks leaving, eye bunker origin, hydra bunker origin.

  14. Yoy could make a story about 2 lovers trying to survive, obviously in duo, and if u open a lobby about it on weekends I will wait for u =3

  15. Nice story, but you have to put your discord right in the middle of the story 1:20

  16. maybe murderer role play? (do it in private server migth worth it)

  17. And can i be in next vid i am in discord name is MadCat

  18. Let's go with "Containers security" about a robery on containers storage

  19. How about the robbers kidnap the samurai’s son and the samurai goes after the robbers. The robbers are hiding in the greenhouse bunker and the samurai has to figure out the access code to save his son. Once he gets in he fights the robbers with a naginata and gives his son a katana and they kill the robbers

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