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Flick Montage
Went for them easy flicks with snipers cuz not in the mood to do some crazy things and didn’t wanna play too long.
However a video with gud flicks is kinda planned.
#1 –
#2 – surviv survivio


  1. This a bit a late but what controls do you use for fast switching I need help.

  2. do you want 1v1 with best player in asia

  3. joins na: still has about 100 frames more than me '-'

  4. whats your mouse dpi?
    and mouse pointer sensitivity on windows?

  5. g0dak playing for 30 minutes can get the same amount of clips that it takes us a week to get ;-;

  6. first !!!!

    I have some questions.
    How can you quickswitch very fast, (like when you have only 1 sniper but you can shot 2 time with no delay time) do you have any tip?
    Anyway, can you show me you Customize Keybinds pls ???
    Do you have a discord group?
    Have a nice day !!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. When I play, EU is dead and after an hour it gets kinda revived : )

  8. meanwhile some ppl crying about lags and high ping, g0dak gets better clips on NA than me on EU…

  9. Idk why but the thumbnail look cool af , alsuuuu can u dou a toxic players Killing muntage , ig like Killing lalonguecarabine montage plz :3

  10. yo INSANE video also that thumbnail is awesome 🙂

  11. Nana FranZ ,wenn ich um 2200 bis 00 spielen würde wäre bei mir Eu auch dead

  12. the NA player hasn't any chance against proplayer Franz😂

  13. How do you start a game?
    For me it says "failed joining game"

  14. for once i dont feel bad about me nub gameplay cuz g0daddy on topsies didnt hit all shoots

  15. tutorial on how to have better aim & reflex pls

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