EU vs. NA clanwar | SURVIV.IO -

EU vs. NA clanwar | SURVIV.IO

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3v3s on nA and eU server.
It is NOT a best of eu vs best of na, but we had 7 solid players.
feel free not to be t0xic in comments, ok thx :]
background music:
games on na start at: 6:37




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  1. They were 2v3 quite a few times, cuz either smb died to randoms (or aimb0t?!) or smb disconnected,na vs eu wars are kinda garbage. Was really fun actually although it was not that balanced.N-joy

  2. g0dak: EU vs NA

    Me: GLS vs UGO for the 30

  3. 😅BAD WORDS ALERT, children under 13 should not watch this

  4. I will take g0daks smexy voice over music any day

  5. Dis do be a lit war doe. Winning on nyc pretty pog

  6. That’s what they get for invading European territory

  7. Assmera’s accent do be sounding like asmr still😳

  8. NA should've sent Mercu, Rogue and psychedelic ngl.

  9. G0dak saadzz Unknown deathalls VS fofo whalefish jimmy :0

  10. I guess I'm a coleader of european surviv league cuz I see my name O_o except that my name has underscore and the other has heart.

  11. Hi im an NA player and i cheered for you guys, You guys are really good and you guys arent toxic.
    I dont rlly like NA sometimes because its reaaly toxic and it makes no sense, and they have alot of overrated players, or just one i think, like darkray.
    Darkray is cool but tbh NOT BEING TOXIC Inthink EU is better, sometimes it depends.
    But Inlove your content and I love eu because it very cool

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