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In this video, I walk you through everything added in v.1.0.0, Inferno Mode. There are a few new additions. Overall, this update is meh. The concept that it was based on was better.

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Thumbnail Players by zoomvroom:

Pan (VIP) (VIP):

Cartoon – Howling (Ft. Asena) [NCS Release]:

Unknown Brain – DEAD (ft. KAZHI) [NCS Release]:

0:00 – 0:13 Intro (Like and subscribe!)
0:13 – 4:37 First Game, ft. chessbot
4:37 – 7:43 Second Game, ft. Skyper, chessbot and iHASPROS
7:43 – 8:02 Outro


  1. Overall, this mode is ok. Its mostly just a reskinned normal, only a couple new items.Flamethrower: Inflicts the burning effect.Lava: Also inflicts burning effectBurning Effect: You slowly take damagePhoenix: Instead of taking damage from burning, you heal. You take damage while not burning though.Pyro: All bullets from "fire guns" do more damage, and go further.Nitro Lance: All bullets give burning effect.The original concept (which this is based on) is better. This mode needs new buildings, and more things to make it stand out. Here is the message link for the original concept, if you are in the surviv main: https://discord.com/channels/376470272301072394/392160946296061963/687454231417847808Remember to like, sub, and join my discord! https://discord.gg/NhhXBZC

  2. Aww man I missed the premiere 🙁 glad you made a video about this tho

  3. Better than everybody else's inferno vid 😜

  4. Best video of the new mode in 5 others.
    No words for you Seal


  5. yo no lie i killed somone with the name S4ronmeril. i was using the name unusedcrayon007. this is crazy-GAMERX out

  6. I'm glad I was included in your 1K Milestone ;D

  7. sec0nd game was lbs, we got 18 total kills!111!! omg!

  8. I got 3rd first try with the UMP9
    Also solo.squaf

  9. We can say:
    Seal_4 is bad at surviv
    But his editing makes him pro

    But great video! I enjoyed it!

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