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Everything NEW In The Survivor.io 1.11.0 UPDATE! GET THE UPDATE EARLY!

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Let’s check out everything new in the NEW Survivor.io 1.11.0 update, including new heroes, special ops, events, chapters, and more!

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  1. still waiting the news of new s gade weapon

  2. What's the point of making new characters when it needs real money and it's LIMITED!? Why don't just make them permanent while keeping the feature of buying with real money

  3. Still hope separated voidwaker and eternal. Honestly I didnt need voidwaker 🤨.

  4. I’ve been waiting for this update since January

  5. APKs are great for Android, but Gigachads use IPAs🗿🍷

  6. I was gonna say first, but then I remembered I have braincells

  7. Even if Worm is free, i already invested ALL my gold liquid on Common. What we need is a survivor reset like in gears.

  8. I’m ready for a new survivor. Someone earlier said it best.. “wish we could downgrade our survivors” just like we can with equipment. I’d reset Catnips. Leave him at level 60 and reinvest those into Common or the new survivor. 2:35

  9. was excited until I heard you need to pay.Not interested anymore 🙁

  10. Making the new characters only available for a limited time and also only when you pay really sucks.

  11. This update literally tells players you have wasted all your money before!

  12. How do you properly download the apk? I've downloaded it but it just loads the normal version of the game

  13. I really like Worm's aesthetic! I hope he has a good passive!

  14. Will this new update bring more mega challenges?

  15. I knew it either a ninja or two bladed user

  16. Question, does the purple tech parts effects work even when you evo a skill. Like for soccer ball does the evo have the 30% damage buff?

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