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I exploded a bunker by dropping as much loot as I could in a private server! That was epic!



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  1. Your videos are lagly recently GAMERIO 🤔🤔🤔

  2. You are one of the best YouTubers ever lol pls upload more of these vids sooooo cool

  3. It was nice to remember the game! Thank you for this 😂

    By the way, how is it going? There's still a good number of players?

  4. 1:16 Try Pkp in colbalt with tank because the chance to get it isn't that low compare to the perk in potato. Also if you do it in the club the ammo eventually creeps upstairs and it's really satisfying to watch but still this is a nice and satisfying video.

  5. If you manage to get m79 and infinite ammo in potato you can break potatoes to generate infinite explosives!

  6. Your idea i think it 1 years ago but i cant do it cause not have prestige arena

  7. But dont worry i know doing this is very tired so u should have more sub 🙂

  8. Hello i will unban on christmas i will your Server boost

  9. Dude very cool idea I stopped playing surviv cuz it always says failing joined game but still love ur vids

  10. when you put the mines it looked like an firework

  11. I hope this not a clickbait 😀

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