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Factions | Surviv.io lore #1

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Let’s dive into the surviv.io lore in this series. More episodes coming soon.
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0:00 Intro
0:28 PARMA
1:16 AoS
1:39 The Eye
2:13 Kuga Heavy Industries (KHI)
2:29 The Nevelskoy Group
2:36 OKAMI
2:59 Outro


  1. My theory the eye is an 4D being in the surviv.io universe and is responsible for the all the chaos and kuga tryed to seal the eye but they failed and all the experiments gone wrong they started attacking each other that’s my theory not an game theroy

  2. It would be enoguh for me if you improve your anti-acking syster :c, maybe some option that lets report the players INSIDE the game you are playing >:/

  3. What an honor it was to help out with the script.

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