FASTEST & EASIEST Way To Get Void Power FREE In -


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Let’s go over the Valentine’s Romance Party and how to complete every mission in the fastest and easiest way possible to get the Void Power weapon and other rewards like tech parts for free!


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  1. *1,200,000 monster kills. Not 12,000,000… Numbers are hard.

  2. What is the best tech part to get because am stuck

  3. How do I subscribe? Is there a free way

  4. How do you have your max energy at 50? That seems cracked ngl

  5. I cant do this even wasting my time any fast ways?

  6. I got my void power…. in 2 days….. it is op….

  7. Anyone knows the max for Quick patrol challenge ? If anyone already gotten past 20 quick patrol lmk

  8. Does playing the stage and quit increase the number of stages played?

  9. I'm 96/100 in getting the chest, what S-grade item should i get? I got all the Eternal set except for boots, and I also have the Void Power weapon. I'm missing Light chaser and eternal boots. Should i get the eternal boots since I already have the void power? or should i get the Voidwalker treads just like your setup?

  10. Which is better get a new void power 1st time to get it …. or upgrate my eternal necklace ?
    NB i have 1 light chaser and i will get another one for upgrade in the end prize of lottery

  11. Trying to decide on voidpower over my lightchaser, but would need to wait for epic unless I used lotto.. But I'm trying to decided on getting rid of the voidwaker emblem.. It's actually a great necklace and I think it's as good(If not better) as trendy and eternal( with big consideration to the passive increase at legend). Berserk 40% damage increase for 5 seconds everytime you level up is OP. I did the daily challenge. I was level 31 in 5.5minutes, that means half the time I was at a static 40percent damage increase. Then anytime you dip below 50% the damage increase and the crit(at legend) which if you like life living on the edge and purposely drop your heath below 50% like me it can be pretty awesome. Also it's clutch when you are about to die and need that damage and crit increase. I'm still trying to decide if I should waste my rose's in the valentine event and get two eternal necklaces(one from lotto) to bring it to epic or keep my voidwaker emblem and grab another one from the lotto to make that epic or use my epic trendy charm. Everyone says eternal. But the damage increase doesnt have any damage values attached to them ie( how does the necklace damage scale proportionate to the enemy health*I don't understand how this increase works, is this the there actual HP or total hp out of 100? Also how much is the additional you do to enemies with full hp?* the problem with this one this is only effective on enemies who die in one hit. Sorry for the long winded comment, would love for some answers to some of these questions

  12. I dont have void power and light chaser, so which one should I get?

  13. i just started playing this game, wish i coulda been here for this.

  14. Literally miss this cause my phone was opening

  15. It just takes way too long to upgrade equipment. I’ve been playing for months and haven’t even cleared stage 20…

  16. I didnt get the chance to get one ;-;i was grinding for it😢😢😢😢

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