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  1. I found an M249 as ground loot twice now. It is actuallly pretty common


    He got the m239 or watever on box #31 by 7:55

  3. M249 dropping from golden airdrop with more chance, oof you knew it..

  4. I got a M249 from a crate tho, no Soviet, airdrops, or special chests.

  5. I once got m249 out of a normal crate, 10 seconds later I was killed by a guy with shotgun… 🙁

  6. to get a M249 eassier:
    1.get a ston hammer
    2.find eye box and destroy it
    once mt friennd had 2 M249

  7. Why did i got a M249 in a normal box x2

  8. vector k10 8 attempts fail airdrop 7 attempts YAYYYYY!! treasure chest 15 attempt fail

  9. Spoiler Alert
    (this spoils when siper got the M249)

    Box #31 he got the M249

  10. M134 Be like: I'm about to end this mans career

  11. I yesterday droppedminigun from a normal box 😀

  12. Es el primer video que veo con música puesta en las referencias gracias y sigue con los videos

  13. I just saw how an mobile player took your SV-98, he probably didn't hit anyone, just missed. That hurts, R I P

  14. I once got the M249 normal crate. 🙂
    also one time in 50v50 i got PKP from the fisher man place and someone stole it… rip me and die like 20 sec after and give it to the other team…

  15. This is the first time I've seen someone 360 no scope someone with an m9

  16. I once found a m249 out of nowhere in an normal crate, but i had no armor and got killed 10 seconds later by a person with a shotgun

  17. I in 2020 and 2021 is ez to get M249:v

  18. Te pueden dar una Mira x 15 en los paquetes que tiran los aviones

  19. Hmmm…. Why does it say "Activate Windows" on fists DID HE NOT ACTIVATE WINDOWS!?!?!?!

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