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  1. It is when they have an X by there name. They are AFK and u can get rid of them

  2. It is because that guy was offline/our he left the game. Well it's the same thing, i guess.

  3. I bet its because the dude left the game or some clickbait shit like that

  4. If u see someone's name at the top left corner of the screen with an x, then they left the game and you can kill them.😼😼

  5. When there name is darker than every one else's end u shoot and kill

  6. he left the game that's why you could kill him it happens when people just leave the game all of sudden

  7. it wasn’t a hack every time there is and x that means you can kill them lol

  8. Its not team fire its because he left the game they dobrhis so you can collect his loot

  9. Like everyone else said, the dude went afk and his player in the game stays on the server, unless you quit immediately after joining, then it replaces you with another player. This has been in the game for quite a while, at least since squads came out.

  10. Is me and not hack OK not play game

  11. I will tell you how dis happened. If your teammate left the game. His body is not moving, so you can kill him.

  12. ……… if a mate disconnects you can punch /shoot him down….. maybe you re drunk…..

  13. Lol you can kill your teammate if they go afk

  14. you can kill your teammates if there afk

  15. You can kill people NOT active in your team

  16. He not hacker idiot. He is left and man killing he Idiot

  17. One time spawned right next to a regular crate and got a deagull from it… And I messed everything up after 😛

  18. If your teammate is knocked down and leaves the game you can kill him this happened to me many times (not in 50 Vs 50 ) D:(

  19. I am so much better than him, I wanna play duos

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