*FUNNY* BLOWING LARGE Group of Surviv Players Up! 🤯😂 - glimmergame.com

*FUNNY* BLOWING LARGE Group of Surviv Players Up! 🤯😂

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Hello everyone!

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Video Made by L0r0s
Thumbnail Made by L0r0s
Discord: L0r0s#3868


Outro: Barren Gates – Obey

*What are my key binds?*

*What do I use to edit?*
Filmora X and Davinci Resolve

*What do I use to make thumbnails?*

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  1. Cuando jugamos 1vs1.loros.😆😍😎🤔😇

  2. i bet the blown up groups in one of my videos were bigger 😁

  3. If someone wants the story.
    It happened like 8month ago when I did the squid game video.
    Initialy it was on stream and loros had the SUPER GOOD IDEA to throw grenades and to make us losing 10min 🙂
    Its funny now 😀

  4. when i watching some survivio video and i read the comment so here is the sussy comment i has read 💀: “ pubg x freefire and this is their son ‘ f##king survivio’ “


  5. Nöt fünny ü gäy. Mé was héré, ä white güy

  6. I have never seen aim like this before wow🙀 the best aim with the AWM ever… seriously…totaly not roasting someone.😏

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