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Let’s play against hackers in the savannah mode on !

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Different Heaven – Nekozilla [NCS Release]

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Syn Cole – Feel Good [NCS Release]

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  1. GAMERIO i play with you you kill me you hacker !!!!!!!!!!!! (My nickname «13zevs12[UKR]») you hacker its not cool

  2. Bro I am tired with hackers in this game. Is the io company going to fix the problem or what ? I report each time when I encounter one hacker and it is working at all. They do not get banned. Bullshit hackers, shame on them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Làm sao để có skill súng vậy mọi người?🤔🤔
    How to have gun skills, everyone?🤔🤔

  4. Savannah is perfect for this, hackers are most active at savannah because of the L86A2. They use it like an AR.

  5. It would have been better if GAMERIO spammed emotes when he kills a hacker

  6. Stop doing the spin thing it decreases accuracy

  7. Hey, how am I Kingpro_Fortnite and I would like to play with you in duos or squad? I am re pro

  8. I DON'T know about you guys but imagine spinning around after you kill someone or when your not fighting… like I actually aim and thats why i am a pro

  9. I’ve watched this on repeat so many times. Probably one of the best surviv vids.

  10. İt's Gamerİo or Gaymer İo? im Just Joking lol

  11. it bugged me when he didn’t take the Mk220

  12. yo mate a un haecker en su especialidad ataque cuerpo a cuerpo con el msrtillo blindado yo y el a puro puño

  13. I miss the time when they had gun skins ㅠ

  14. Interesting how that his crosshair is not on the person, but is in fact to the right of him, yet the shot still hits!

  15. Начинающий Стандофер:) says:

    Когда Гамерио и хакер в соло всему ж

  16. What is worse than hacking?Hacking and still losing

  17. The game is dead…. Winner, Winner chicken dinner

  18. bruh aimbots garbage
    The video is very poor, too much gameplay and too little Aimbot

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