Get BEST Special Ops REWARDS In - GUIDE & TIPS -


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Check out every Special Ops mission in #survivorio and how to beat them to get the BEST REWARDS like epic tech parts and equipment! Today, we will cover which skills we need to use, which weapons, and how to approach each mission, including the kill 3,000 monsters, defeat all bosses, and after eating 1 boss, defeat another boss in 10 seconds missions.

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  1. When do the ops missions come out? Cause I don’t have them yet

  2. Are these spec ops challenges permanent in the game or is it limited time only? Because idk how anyone is supposed to get the worm if it’s limited time

  3. Stop howing content that we have no access yet noooob !!!

  4. I didn't see this mode yet.I'm in chapter 10 and adventure lvl 28.Does anyone know?

  5. Pro tip: just enjoy the game at ur own extent 🙂

  6. Hey u forgot to equips precisioj tech part back

  7. Spec ops missions are easy lol don’t need help wit that

  8. phase do you have to be a certain level? i dont seem to have this unlocked? but i ahve been slow playing the main missions.

  9. That thumbnail is such clickbait 😩
    But nice guide lol

  10. I really liked when I got that red void power from a mission pretty cool tbh

  11. i like the thumbnail looks fak… interesting

  12. Can I ask whats the use of the shards? If it can be turned into an avatar, how many is needed for it to be so?

  13. Hi!
    How did you get the shots to look transparent?

  14. You want to get the Forcebarrier and the Defender because they are a good combo.

  15. For boss gauntlet and speedkill use epic voidwaker handguards or army gloves because both do +50% to bosses

  16. I keep doing the daily event missions but it still says I have 0 and I know I exchanged twice. I haven’t beat level 20 yet and my survivor is on level 30 do you think any of those two have to do why I can’t use my shards?

  17. Why didn't u show the one to get void power tho

  18. Some advice from my experience, in the special ops, no reason to get the scrolls or the golden ticket unless needed to evolve. There is no gas or coins dropped during the missions.

  19. I am getting super annoyed by the amount of clickbait from this channel

  20. I'm day 150, lvl79, f2p, but I have only blue or green special ops …. How do you evolve that to purple or gold?? (Of course I have the 5 stars)

  21. How do you get the 5 stars, special ops grade?

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