Get FREE PETS & HERO SHARDS in Dream Experiment Founding Day Event | -

Get FREE PETS & HERO SHARDS in Dream Experiment Founding Day Event |

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There’s a new event in, titled something like Dream Experiment Founding Day where you can get free pets and hero shards, so let’s take a look at all the missions and rewards so we can complete them as quicky as possible.

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  1. every day 3 special ops chest ? how bro one costs 300

  2. where can I request that the survivor i.o. have a fb bind?

  3. Small event but is mostly shards as the rewards virtually everyone has being dying to obtain

  4. I was the four hundred ninety seventh to watch this video

  5. Yo Bro! Take this as a serious compliment… You keep me going in this game! There are times I'm like "eh I'm gonna take a break." Then you pump out a vid about an upcoming event. Then I'm like "OK! Gotta stack these gems and keys". In addition, you bring the right level of energy… not OVER the top, not too nonchalant. It's clear you still enjoy the game. Besides, we still gotta do a co-op together lol

  6. I’m literally 5 shards away from Catnips

  7. This will be great for stocking up resources (with the keys) for newer events and the shards seem pretty nice from the leaks

    filler events are great 🙂

  8. Can you make a video on the army set (inspire set)

  9. Hi Phasecast, can I ask you a question?
    Currently progressing through chapters, curious whether it would make other (spec ops, daily challenges) harder? Failed a few spec ops today…

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