GET FREE PETS, TECH PARTS, & GEMS - Lucky Board Mission Guide ( -

GET FREE PETS, TECH PARTS, & GEMS – Lucky Board Mission Guide (

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Today we are going to talk about how to complete missions in the Lucky Board event also known as the Children’s Fun Lucky chess event to get free dice including magic dice so you can claim free rewards with Common on the board such as free pets, free tech parts, and free gems. We will also go over things like how to get Survivor Reset Vials.

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  1. On the top are those the only rewards from going around or does it go further

  2. I beat Chapter 95 today woohoo, now what do I do lol

  3. I really like your video, because it provides subtitles 🙂

  4. Thanks for the constant updates man, this is prob the first and only mobile game I've actually followed and played for several months in a row. Habby can make good games apparently cause I did like archero alot years ago. You've gained my sub anyways, keep it up!

  5. ty for the video bro nice to see whats going on

  6. Could you make video'bout art of war legions.I miss that so much

  7. Hello, so you know the evolutions that you need DNA from trials to unlock? Could you make a video explaining each one please, thank you .

  8. Event is out now. Do you guys think its worth it using all them gems and keys? I saved 35k gems and 45keys. Should i rather wait for the next event. Im not quite sure the last event was a banger

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