GET MAX DICE, STARS, & REWARDS: Lucky Board Mission & Reward Guide ( -

GET MAX DICE, STARS, & REWARDS: Lucky Board Mission & Reward Guide (

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Welcome to this comprehensive guide to the exciting Lucky Board event in #survivorio! Join us as we delve into the most effective strategies to complete each mission in the game, ensuring you obtain maximum rewards and dice. Throughout this video, we will explore every mission in detail, provide insightful tips on participating in the event, decipher the significance of each square on the board, and reveal the most coveted rewards to set aim for like Survivor Reset Vials you can get with enough stars. Get ready to enhance your gameplay and maximize your chances of success in the Lucky Board event!

0:00 Intro
0:12 How to Play
2:09 Lucky Board Missions
3:31 Buy Survivor Reset Vials & More
3:39 Best Rewards
3:46 Lucky Ranking
3:58 Outro

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  1. Bruh I think I got back into the game right when it ended

  2. Also spread out playing for the daily rank rewards

  3. Any thoughts on if using my gems for chests is worth it on this event?

  4. What will happen if we remain in jail ( if dice number doesn't match in all 3 times) ?

  5. There ain’t no strategy. This is straight up luck which sucks for f2p players. 🤷‍♀️

  6. It feels like 150 is what most people will be able to reach. 40 rolls in and only got 37 stars. Not bad though even if I can only reach 150.

  7. How did u make ur petrol quick earning up to 6 times not 3 ??

  8. en lo personal deberíamos de decirles a los dueños del juego que incrementen mas los días de los evento ya que no duran casi nada bueno de 3 a 7 dias nada mas y uno quisiera sacar todo los premios antes de que se acabe el tiempo sin necesidad de gastar gemas

  9. That event is good because the stars give you rewards and you get rewards and being in the top three and I am in number one because I’m lucky I guess

  10. Event is out now. Do you guys think its worth it using all them gems and keys? I saved 35k gems and 45keys. Should i rather wait for the next event. Im not quite sure the last event was a banger

  11. Is it possible to reach 600stars as a free to play player? I think this event is hard for ftp

  12. Hang on let me just do everything right and let me just finish shitload of money so I can get a major advantage of everyone else. No, I just mod the game because I was so sick of the Pay 2win bullshit don’t blame me I’ve been playing for 2 half years and you can’t get past 46

  13. Damn I didn't notice reset vial was reward of this event, is it really possible to get or? I need to know if it's good i bought it

  14. Hey it’s the 1st of June and I’m don’t see the event anywhere on my screen and there’s no update? And I’m level 11

  15. 별을 150개 얻어야 하는데 돈을 지불하지 않고 별을 빨리 획득하는 팁이 있나요?🤔🤔

  16. I’m first place on the lucky board my name is RizzLord3000

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