GIANT EGG HUNT!! | | Easter Update Highlights -

GIANT EGG HUNT!! | | Easter Update Highlights

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Easter on brings with it some speedy eggs! Get them as they are going fast. No, i really mean it…FAST!! Head over to and play the easter update.

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  1. How you found a 15x? Well no what I need like 20x


  3. can you do a live stream playing with fans if so what time

  4. I had 9 kills and the rest of my team had none. After 6 mins, it was my whole squad vs. a soloist. Unfortunately, I got killed in an air strike and so my team left the game………………….. they got killed!!!

  5. did you know, i can snipe with double Ots-38s? lol with 8x scope of course lol

  6. Had SV and Mosin and only 1hp, got knocked by stray bullet, my teammate stood by watching me die.

  7. when u have saiga and m249 and u get knocked out by mp2200 and u only had 10 hp….

  8. Warning: this is a lengthy anecdote, so if you're… y'know, that kind of person- SHUT UP GRAMMARLY! Jeez, never should have had installed you.
    I was a noob-ish player, playing on mobile. I had okay aim and could actually sort of snipe, despite not having a mouse or anything.
    My team had called in an airdrop and we were all waiting for the sweet loot to be freed from its crate.
    Note: I wasn't particularly observant. May seem like a weird remark to make, but you'll need to remember it.
    When the airdrop landed, we went to work on it like piranhas. I couldn't tell what sort it was, but I caught a glimpse of a Scout Elite disappearing into my teammates' bodies. Anyway, I was fine, because I didn't really like the Scout compared to…well, the other sniper rifles.
    But my brother, staring at me in disbelief, looked like he had just finished a fifth tour of Vietnam and couldn't tell an orange from an apple.
    The dialogue looked something like this:
    Me: Bro do you have eyes? It was obviously a Scout.
    Bro: Inhales deeply
    Bro: (with extreme forced calm and condescension in his voice) The why did you pick up that ammo?
    So I looked in my inventory and lo and behold…
    .308 Subsonic.
    I spent the next five and a half minutes trying to get the AWM, but it was too late.
    We won that round. (If you seriously believed that last comment you need to get some help. I died to a freaking PKP.)

    Phew! That was long. I'm not sure if my attitude makes me a bad teammate for stealing his ammo, but it was just fun to write that experience.
    I'm expecting to have finger cramps for 4 weeks and a billion dislikes because I posted a comment larger than the entire Harry Potter series, but it's probably worth it lol.

  9. had knocked out and my teammate was just going to grab the loot, and i haved a minigun so it wanted me to die
    and get the minigun


  11. Ihasyou killed me when i was chill with him and when i see some of his videos i saw he was chill woth noobs that was shooting him <3. Noice vid btw

  12. hi ihasyou,i'm CR4ZY_orhan,Orhan_on_144Hz,Orhan_coconut
    do you want to play some times

  13. ive played with you so many times and you have killed me so many times i consider you my arch rival {Faze} RedZ or my latest mytoesnow

  14. How do u miss all of those helmets and good loots??????????

  15. Dang, you suck! I could wreck you with my eyes closed. Watch out for me, my name is OG_FISHSTICK.

  16. it was a 2v1 the enemy was a bot my teammate didn't know how to revive me we could've taken the dub

  17. I HAD 2 PKP PECHENG AND MY TEAMMATE LET ME DIE oof (like this comment if u r teammate has done to u ever) 😀

  18. i went to hydra bois left me when they saw a guy with katana

  19. nobody:
    iHasyou thumbnail: drooling noob with good weapon

  20. I was lone survivor and my normal team mate let me die just to lose the game for our team when the last dude was really low and wasn't lone survivor

  21. i had an awms and stone hammer this guy let me rot and die

  22. i was let down when someone just did no revive me and looted while i was about 15 health

  23. I had tier 3 gear and the usas-12 and an awms and when i was knocked down my teammates were not reviving me

  24. I played with you too😁😁. My nickname is "YOUR FRIEND".

  25. I had pkp and sv and he didn’t rev me and let me die for my loot 🙁

  26. 50 v 50 had awms and knocked out but teammate waited for me to die just to get the awm

  27. was bout to die, was the leader (had 10 kills) teammate got scared because OF A FREAKING NOOB THAT HAD ONLY A REVOLVER THAT DIDN'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO AIM

  28. ihasyou why are ur intro is an explosive intro

  29. i had potato canno and he punched me then someone came and we died.

  30. WE a have dual sv spuadd auto film eceryone punching 'me to fiv thème it

  31. My team left me when I found AWM and 15 scope!!!

  32. When a random player knocked me out and then my teammate came and teammed with the guy and watch me die. He was even laughing ;-;

  33. my favorite scope is 8x because i never found 15x lol

  34. Mate let me down we kill enemies he waiting for my death 😰😰😫

  35. Every night and every day they leave me to stay savage mates

  36. x4 scope is good fur default x15 is good fur long range auto guns but BUT the x25 scope is op

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