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In this video, I gave fans the Grinch skin, which is one of the rarest skins. Since I wasn’t able to make teams when I recorded the video, I had to find random fans in-game! They all had different reactions, and that was pretty fun!



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  1. Why grinch is the best skin? I thought thd best skin(s) are legendary for 10k

  2. "Best" meaning counts on the things' abilities, but not rarities, prices or beauties.

    Change My Mind 🙂

  3. Hi gamerio, did you remember me🤣🤣?

  4. I'm the only one who likes bears =))))

  5. POV:You want to be cool&this is your chance

  6. Omg can get I it free now??? Because thumbnail :)))

  7. Gamerio is the best YouTuber ever 🙂

  8. gamerio plsss buy my item shromcloud 2500 gp

  9. Yesss this was the level of editing I've been looking for!! Good job Gamerio!!

  10. This is how you keep a youtube channel going. Keeping your audience up even though the game is dead. If you didn't understand what I mean, just look at IHASYOU's channel, that's how you ruin a youtube channel. I am grateful to Gamerio for not doing something like that. Goated youtuber.

  11. The moment Gamerio shoots a video, it's the moment I watch it.

  12. It would be cool if you did like a, 1v1 ing fans , but I cant touch the color red.

  13. it was a great vidéo GAMERIO I made top 1 with you on woods mode my name LAVEO may I didn't have to take the skin because I wanted to kill sorry.

  14. Nice shooting! Even if it's a dead game you probably going to make it more lively again!

  15. Next time it’ll be snowy claus 😅

  16. Gamerio, I’m so glad u still play surviv even tho there’s not as many people playing it anymore. Almost all the other surviv youtubers either quit like ihavelocity or started playing other dumb games like ihasyou. I just want to show my gratitude towards you. Play on💪🏼👍🏼

  17. このゲームをいつまでも配信してくれることが嬉しい🥹

  18. Imagine literally meeting Gamerio by accident while he records

  19. The BAR is the best weapon for mid game

    Drop your opinion

  20. This rubbish game is almost unplayable, but GAMERIO you still work hard to finish this video . let us see masterpiece . Your are the best surviv Youtuber!
    And I want to said thank you because if there wasn't you the game will be death. Because you saved the game!

  21. You seriously know that there is 10x rarer skins than the grinch skin

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