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The thing with 50v50 is when you see your team losing, the chances of recovery is slim.

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  1. siper i play a game with only 30 red and 50 bleu and we win (my team is red)

  2. did u know that when u knocked out someone its better to use ur fists?

  3. It always warms my heart to see this happen

  4. Just subbed I have a question about the controls do you change them

  5. I thought that was me no lie bc I had a clutch exactly like that yesterday it was 3v20 then 2 of us I was the leader and then became lone survivor and I won with 11 kills and my other teammate too but since I saw the results the leader in this video had 0 kills

  6. When enemies shake with fear: Siper as red leader gets last survivr but keeps his super 90

  7. Wow trash leaders,we all see that those 2 team leader are 100^1000% trash. BUT somehow this happens quite often

  8. Look man I just played a game it was 1vs20 I was the 1 lone survivor and I killed 17 of the 20 so that ain’t the best comeback

  9. Not the best clutch anymore, I have a 2v21 clutch on my channel

  10. The other team was kinda drunk ngl

  11. So this is the kind of opposition I run into every time in 50v50

  12. once in 50v50 i and another player versed 10 other players at the end. we won
    it was the hardest battle i had won

  13. Subbed.. love the content.. collab or sub back?? (im coming out with quality content soon!) keep up ur great work 🙂

  14. Not the greatest comeback ever lol. Once 20vs 2 people comeback 😀

  15. Is there a client or only a browser server?

  16. same thing happened to me if only i was recording

  17. Hmm… That is what happenend to me… but an air strike came right when i became lone… and landed on my face

  18. Also I won 23 vs 2 with Twitch Younlee_Black

  19. Super 90 has a super 90 damage per shot it seems🤔

  20. Its was more like a 2v 18 clutch instead of 16. LOL

    Late news: Silverdotware made a record of 33v2.
    He has also made 27v2 like 30v 2

  21. Personally, I like smg’s more than assault rifles

  22. This is amazing but this isn't the biggest clutch in history. SliverDotWare did a 2 v 30

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