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The thing with 50v50 is when you see your team losing, the chances of recovery is slim.

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  1. the best thing i did before in 50v50 is that when i was camping so i could become the lone survivor, the other teams lone survivors appeared and i punched one to death without any loot or guns

  2. OH, You are the first Youtuber that made video about this 50v50

  3. How the flip do u get that spin so like I dunno perfect

  4. today i lose lone surviv vs me but i was have usas-12 and AWM's

  5. i think of what bugler says when someone tells him how he is killing ppl.. lol love your vids

  6. One time i almost came back from a 9-1 they had 2 guys left when i died 🙁

  7. That moment when you're slaying the entire enemy team and then suddenly the last 2 survivors are right next to you. #I Cy wxu being abused cricry

  8. Would not consider this the greatest clutch of all time but /shrug

  9. Last time 50v50 was up, me and a teammate came back 22-2 and one it.

  10. those lone survivrs can take a heck of a lot of damage

  11. Don't you hate it when big youtubers like iHASYOU say they did a 1v50 and then show you some boring gameplay and then a 2v2? Well Siper gives to the point content, just 5 and a half minutes long, with an actual possible clutch.

  12. I think I was in this game because I remember this happening but I didn't see my name CMF23_YT

  13. one problem with my qs. I can quickswitch any sniper with SPAS, exept Mosin. And, for some reason my qs doesn't work when I have two snipers. wtf is wrong lmao

  14. i am iron man anyone played with me also your reaaaaly good

  15. 6 sv hits and 3 super 90 hits knocks out one lone survivr
    Damn they are OP

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