Guaranteed AWM & Miniguns? (Master Scavenger Perk) | Cobalt Mode Gameplay | -

Guaranteed AWM & Miniguns? (Master Scavenger Perk) | Cobalt Mode Gameplay |

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The Master Scavenger Perk is actually broken!

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  1. I remember when we were 100 subs ahead of you on MedalOfHonor… And now it's the other way around😂😂 gg

  2. this game was wild, the kill leader changed so many times

  3. but may i suggest not breaking so many things with the perk, it gives your opponents really good weapons that you don't pick up

  4. it was actually 4 miniguns they missed 1

  5. Damn, you’re doing really good, ur channel was at like 60 subs when I first subscribed and I think that was 2 weeks ago and now it’s at 258 👍👏

  6. bruh i used the master scavenger to try and get stacked so i could win but i got an M9 from a tree with the perk

  7. I feel like a god when i use this perk

  8. Sick Video Bro!! Would love to colab sometimes!!

  9. using it in the middle of the map means other players getting those items too. Never do that.

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