HACKER WITH 2 AWM-S vs GAMERIO (Master Scavenger) ! | Surviv.io - glimmergame.com

HACKER WITH 2 AWM-S vs GAMERIO (Master Scavenger) ! | Surviv.io

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I played against a hacker who had 2 AWM-S ! Who won ? Watch the video to know it !


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  1. How is ur aim so gud when ur using a smol crosshair ;-; :c

  2. GAMERIO im not going to play surviv.io again l left it a long time ago but now there is no going back ;( l was the most pro !!!DEL WORLD!!! only if you play the game moomoo.io i will rewatch your videos

  3. Was it just a fan or did you kill me yesterday

  4. YOU ARE INSANE, GREAT JOB, Still practicing for my videos

  5. Yesterday I saw a spinning hackers with a mosin and Mp220. In the red house I found him after he won a fight. The grill was smoking so I Mp220d it and he almost died! I came in and killed him before he killed me. Also yesterday I found this hacker who had a sledgehammer when I had very low health. I killed him in one punch in a melee lock instantly which I was very proud of.

  6. Hello Gamerio am Pro in this game Me name is aLeX90

  7. yo gamerio if u come across this comment i think today i might have joined ur classic dua game and my username dog + dog = cutie and im a huge fan of urs so = UwU =


  9. That's not ur kill if theres another team attacking at the same time.

  10. This guy just kills so many hackers! I watch your content everyday!

  11. my highest kill is 16 and you keep destroying it your the best

  12. Gamerio creyendose pro pero veo que en cada video suyo mata un hacker ❤❤Yo que onda no me puedo matar ni a un bot en el juego osae que pinche pedo

  13. bro chill you making the creators of the game look bad- [WSQ]KINGBRECCY Its a complement
    you super good I wish I was in your team

  14. CAN U try to start a war team with a bunch of people in suviv io

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