HACKERS IN 2022?!! | AIMBOT DESTRUCTION #11 | SURVIV.IO - glimmergame.com


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1 year after the 100th video we are at 500.000 total views :]
You can smack your ears with this video.
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gud content (does overlocky) :
bad content (gud content when doesn’t use my clips) :
worst content (it filíp) :

European competetive Srvv Server:

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  1. U and me should 1v1 me and u r on the same lvl

  2. in one game i see you and you kill me, and i thing you hacker but now i know you are a youtuber 🙂

  3. A video called ' pretending to be a hacker will be cool :))

  4. i will unsubcribe to g0dak, because i khew he are a hacker🥵🥵😭

  5. Best outro everrrrrr yesterday evening editing👽🤯😏

  6. Last comment on ur vid, Good video bro, editing skills and ''skill'' are just nice as usual

  7. You are currently number 1 in the world. 😨

  8. If you play in Asia, there is a lot of hack (don't try)

  9. Random guy: hacker in 2022?
    g0dak: yes but they are baaaaaad 😭😭

  10. I'm a like a a mf eeyyy.. cosmic[]yersinia is back :ooooooo hackers smasher is back c:

  11. aimboting is causually usless at this point tbh

  12. I can't believe you would betray your own kind like this :[]

  13. All the dislike are from hackers lol 🔥🤡🤠

  14. Nice AimB0T destruction, hackers have no skills, pros kill them easily 💥🦄

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