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*HARD* SV-98 Only Challenge! ☊🥵

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Hello everyone!
Today I did a Hard SV-98 Only Challenge in survivio!

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#survivio #io #iogames #surviv #L0r0s

Video Made by L0r0s
Thumbnail Made by L0r0s
Discord: L0r0s#3868


Outro: Barren Gates – Obey

*What are my key binds?*

*What do I use to edit?*
Filmora X and Davinci Resolve

*What do I use to make thumbnails?*

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  1. f81787d9 SURVIV IO КОД f81787d9 СОПИРОВАТЬ

  2. How do you do that? I think I am a noob now. 0% chance I could beat u in a fight! ha ha. Have a nice day!

  3. Pause, L0r0s – I tried publishing Heartbeat by Dominic Strike and it said it was copyrighted. How'd you get it on?

  4. lmao I was recording 1 weapon only games and found this on reccomended loll

  5. Idk if I'll be able to come to the premiere tomorrow. But i will watch the video later then. I have exams 🙁

  6. Should use assault. All bullets deal more damage

  7. Last week I trying use a sv to win too for spinning

  8. Jerico – Landscape


    I'm also seeing that your snipes, if not good as they ever were, are only getting better.

    May I suggest a few songs?

    Frame of Mind – Tristam and Braken

    Escape- Noisestorm

    Blank – Disfigure

    Turn it Up – Anikdote

    I don't really care if you don't use these lol just suggestions. Nice vid though 👌

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