HIRING A PRO SURVIV.IO SQUAD To Fight Against AIMBOT HACKERS! - glimmergame.com


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  1. I remember when I was a nub in surviv all these people were named iHASYOU, I searched up iHASYOU, and I found you. Thanks for helping to protect survive 🙂

  2. Bro im the man at the step 1

    1.hacker that had old hack they pucnh aimbot are suck so if u see them DONT MOVE AND PUNCH THEM
    2.hacker scared of deadly melee
    3.they scared of semi shtgun like saiga and m22020

  3. if there was a rapidfire double SV-98, its insanely op with swap shot

  4. WAR WITH THE HACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The amount of games that I should have won but a hacker has stopped me from wining is insane.

  6. i kill hackers easily by going near them. I use adren, and make them follow me in a straight line. I shoot them with a shotgun or spray them and when they get close i switch to melee and kill them

  7. We Need ihavevelocity Fight Ihasyou It will be greatest Survivio Battle in the history

  8. Can you against all the hackers in all the sever please.Because in Asia sever there is too much hackers too

  9. May the Great War BEGUN!! (hire EU player named [Vn***as] his name is for some reason censored)

    [Also got pissed off when saw that the first hacker was from my country… TO HELL WITH HIM!]

  10. Hm… Interesting…someone said it loud so now it's official. Anyone want to create fronts(squads)?

  11. This is to whoever is seeing this…

    I used to hack on the game and I regret it a lot, but I'll tell you something when it comes to the hack. The hack that I was using allows you to see through obstacles like houses, buildings, bunkers, etc. it also allows you to see the blast radius with grenades like The Smoke Grenade, The MIRV Grenade, The Frag Grenade and Mines. It also allows you to see the trees and rocks with the secret loot. Same thing with shacks with the bunkers. It allows you to heal right after a battle, it also gives you aimbot (obviously). The Hack also lets you switch from weapon to weapon during a battle (I think this is known as "quickswappping") Hopefully this helps!


    -P.S. can you guys like this so iHASYOU can see it?

  12. when its cobalt mode sometimes i pretned to hack so poeple wil leave me alone when im filling a house up with grenades

  13. Wen i use name MKTTT[hatehacker] or MKTTT[hackkiller] Hacker alway target me 🙁

  14. I actully did get aimbot once Im a semi pro player who has played since release and it made my gameplay worse lmao

  15. Hey iHASYOU I know this is a bit late but Hackers seem to have severe trouble on stairs. I’m not joking, specifically the stairs that are by the boarded window in the club. I’m not sure why but like the hacker can’t tell you are there or something, so if you attack them with melee, the client can’t decide whether to heal or lock on. Hope this is useful but yeah great video, War with hackers!

  16. Who's watching this after Paywax got 38 kills?

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