How much money do I make by posting videos?? (less than a year) -

How much money do I make by posting videos?? (less than a year)

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In today’s video I go over my total revenue of posting videos across my entire channel. I go over some tips to maximize the money you make over videos. And I go over my top 3 revenue-making videos and my thought process behind it. Hope you enjoy this video!

Also I’m not going to be posting surviv videos anymore even though they generate a decent amount of money.


  1. If Kong or surviv main decides to actually listen to the people and betters the game by making better updates, LTMs, etc. Would you ever consider playing the game again?

  2. i was about to come to ur stream but u deleted it? 😭 hi btw cutie 😩✨

  3. I want you to take a step back and look at the question you just asked me. You asked me to play

  4. Hey silver it’s me kawaii we played together for a long time last night. We was a good duo. Wanna play?

  5. Way too much hackers and lag, also the the game is designed to give you less potatoes than the amount you spent on the pass which makes it harder to not do so and why is the freaking season 80 days? I think most people can get the pass in like 2 weeks so why the seasons so long?

  6. Does it make a difference whether we press skip ad or not? I just watched a minute and a half long ad to try and support you btw

  7. I saw ur name in battle dudesio on yestarday so I searched it

  8. Bruh u have more money than i made my entire life span

  9. tbh if gamerio made like 10 min or over 10 min videos every day he can make some good money just of off

  10. I’m diamond bird 😐
    Also I quit surviv, ITS SO BORING like actually why would you play surviv?!!
    also I play mc now

  11. I am unsubcribing due to this man not posting anymore

  12. Somebody is imitating you on twitch as "sliverdotware" (see sliver instead of silver).

  13. he should've made this video 8 minutes

  14. Do you still post videos? 😀 I also subscribed! I should've done it so much longer ago

  15. completely out of the blue but dual m1100 is a funny loadout
    idk you're the only person i have to say this to aside from said friend who went on a like 10 ws with dual m1100 yesterday

    me when i go back play surviv in 2022 after quitting in 2019

  16. man start uploading I loved your videos it will make me very happy😢❤😊

  17. I should have said this before so you realize

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