How to be Superior LEADER in 50v50 Mode | -

How to be Superior LEADER in 50v50 Mode |

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  1. 1:30 actually I would suggest keeping some sodas because when you become a lone survivr you lose the infinite adrenaline


  3. I surviv working for u bc everytime i get off to play another match it logs me out does it do that to u or no?

  4. Hey jokesta what is your K.G…. I’m just wondering because I want to rise up to your awesome standards ……..Love you so much man

  5. Jokesta when he gets commander: a literal killing machine

    Me when I get commander: dies in ten seconds because of an airstrike

  6. Ehhhh, M1 garand is not my favorite since it only have 8 shots, but it's great damage each shot makes it great when you have good aim…

  7. bruh why did u kill silverdotware. He's prob tryna make a lone surviver compilation

  8. the garand is one of the best snipers without the awm

  9. Why'd you cut it off at the end!???

  10. nice i love all vids good work jokesta

  11. I'm getting unlucky lately and I haven't gotten commander for the past year. I've gotten Burglar (wutever its calld)twice(but you have a trumpet as a weapon)

  12. I play but i am not pro like any yt my cousin plays he can kill pro players but he dies against noob players🤣🤣🤣

  13. fake silver lmao. he has way more 'e's at the end of his name

  14. The m1 grand is a decent sniper it deals a great amount of damage I think it does the same damage even with full armor.

  15. M1 is pretty good but bad for how rare it is (but i wouldn't trade it for a mac lol)

  16. Lol silverdotware gets recked when trying to be a survivor

  17. I don't agree with your first one, since as leader you already have a good gun, you don't need another good one, something like a mac 10 or a M16 will do. But that's just my opinion, and i'm not too good, and more of a team player, maybe pros might prefer that strat.

  18. 1:30 but you can also get Lone survivr also when u get commander

  19. 3:01 jeez silver was tryna do lone survivr complation but u ruined him

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