How to Beat FARM CHALLENGE in (Mega Challenge Guide) -

How to Beat FARM CHALLENGE in (Mega Challenge Guide)

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  1. I'm replacing full metal suit with eternal suit cuz it's just a better version😂😂😂 if u don't have it use full metal suit

  2. "All u need is armor and skills"…. and apparently 500+ gems 😒 ok bud

  3. and revive 15 times at the last boss because your damage isnt high enough, genious

  4. Need more weapons and options for more combinable evo weapons

  5. I always die on the second wave, the damage isn't enough

  6. I literally beat it first try after this video thanks, I used shiny wrist guard for gloves and eternal boots but kept all equipment and items the same (had to revive a ton at the end but I had the tokens) kept an area where I had 2 hams and 2 bombs for the final boss, also a magnet that let me heal since I leveled everything else up.

  7. How do you get this update I don’t have this and in the App Store I also can’t update

  8. Are s grade belt is good in here or even bones that slos enemy

  9. bro, I just got a "good" grade belt from the reward key I got from this challenge. Is this normal?

  10. Is better katana work?
    Bcuz i dont have excellent katana ;-;
    Or i use void power?

  11. damn! huge thanks for your guide, I tried many times for my own method always defeat in last 2 bosses but your method really works in first try

  12. I always die on the second wave, the damage isn't enough

  13. Does level and gear level matter here? Cuz bruh, u are level 70

  14. This shit is terrible, I always max all of my weapons but it doesnt give me the option to get the power up

  15. Got it man! I was trying with golden kunai nv2 and losing multiple times… Thanks man!

  16. I did a different strat, where I used a drone to "DESTROYER" and replaced the boom with durian

  17. I finally passed this with 2800 attack and 10.000 health

  18. Katana, lightning, soccer ball, 2 drone and move to the inch of the smarphone.
    amor and more hp, use +30% frist skill for cooldown or +damage. Its doesn't matter because the skill to hit the last boss is up to lightning and drone and how you ride it. The mega challenge is really challenge. Moving to the 4 direction of the screen is easier like a pytago moves

  19. For those who don't have the exact equipment he has don't even try it won't work

  20. I am wearing the insta skill glove but it doesnt work in this challenge 🙁

  21. Me ajudou muito, estava no lvl 50 já, e não conseguia passar da fazendinha de jeito nenhum, morria pouco antes de chegar o ultimo Boss, pelo excesso de mods.

  22. você explica tão bem que até um leigo entende

  23. Can I replace the belt required with eternal belt pls? It's epic aswell

  24. It didn’t work for me but I do think it works. I have garbage gear so that’s probably why.

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