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  1. Just so you know the axe is GREAT the knife and hook aren’t so good but the axe is good for breaking stuff and it’s easier to open and break crates and just breaking stuff in general

  2. CZ ber SPAS-12 je to podle me lepsi borkovnice nez MP220
    En: Take SPAS-12 I think it is better shotgun than MP220

  3. Try SOLO-SQUADS and beat my rekord in it : WIN + 11Kills + 1624dmg + 6m 33s Time Survived
    (I know it isn´t some Super/Mega result), but i wanna to know if you coan beat it 😉 (sorry for grammar)

  4. The qbb-97 is the most powerfull weapon
    Not rare
    Fire rate
    75 ammo
    And a mini minigun xd

  5. Ur so lucky. Awm. And how did that one guy surviv a shot. The new awm is one shot

  6. the other weapon is the M1 garand i think

  7. Hey, 2:24 what is the AVMS weapon???
    Hmm, AWM in PUBG is the best!

  8. the pan protect u but in this small area only on your side

  9. Which one u play ? Europe , Asia , or North America ?#(in

  10. I seriously as a noob I used the flare gun to kill people and did no damage and after seeing this video I feel dumb

  11. Batrix, if You use an axe you can break those green boxes in the warehouses and police station.

  12. IM PLAYIG WITH HIM, my name is THICCINICCI we in a game together

  13. Dat Ali A intro though XD. Great vid as usual!

  14. axe can chop a box that can't break

  15. how do I do the airdrop symbol???
    I saw someone do it

  16. batrix [EN] sabias que:
    el flaregun puede tener dos balas y te puedes encontrar en cajas y en cofre del tesoro …;)

  17. Lol the Ali a intro meme was perfect for that

  18. I have played over 400 games and have never found the flare gun.

  19. Spoongiebob ‘Anomaly’ Rectanglepants says:

    The falling star suit, you didn’t pick it up…

  20. I remember playing a game w/ you a really long time ago. We got a duo rank #4. That was when i was still a noob (actually i still am noob) but watever

  21. Baxtrix if a guy is running away and acerrying a gun go switch to fist so u go faster!

  22. sekera je na to užitečnější s flare gunem když de do toho tunelu rozbij tou sekerou ty věci v tom tunelu a vypadne ti z toho ammo pak můžeš mět z jednoho airdropu třeba 3 airdropy 😀

  23. one time i got like a golden air drop and i got an AWM-S lol

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