How to CATCH a GHOST in the new event ANCIENT CASTLE HAVOC? - Event Guide & Tips -

How to CATCH a GHOST in the new event ANCIENT CASTLE HAVOC? – Event Guide & Tips

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0:00 – Intro
0:33 – How to Catch a Ghost?
2:56 – I’m wasting up my Pumpkin Keys!






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  1. with 55 keys i got 6 ghosts
    i am just so fking unlucky

  2. Slightly confusing but it looks like fun. Finally a good event

  3. So many posts across Reddit with wrong information. Thanks for putting out this video!

  4. i used all of my kill the monster key and all the open the chest one and then i saw you xD
    this was very good

  5. I'm gonna wait a little longer to use my keys just to confirm but I believe you have the correct way of chasing ghosts. 200 keys itchin

  6. I opened a door in the middle of the unopened doors. If you meet the king, he will help you open the next door. and always open in the direction of the green arrow. And I have fought 10 ghost already

  7. This is really good event i think, event before like a trash

  8. What do you recommend to buy with prize candy, Im pretty new to the game, 22 days in and chapter 17

  9. So we have to only follow last ghost i right?

  10. It may not be in the next door the arrow means that it could be in the line in that arrow direction (or colum)

  11. F2P won't get chaos chest from 40 ghost

    I already open 80 army chest, finish kill mission, 15 main chapter. All i catch from those pumpkin keys are 19 ghost.

    Most likely i will try to get 30 ghost
    But i don't think even if i finish open 300 chest mission. I can catch 40 ghost

  12. Try our clan Lvl 3 already. "Chicken Clan". 100,000k trophies, most are active. We keep replacing inactivr players

  13. Lol i didnt realize there were arrow i randomly chose any door i literally wasted almost 30 pumpkins key and only found 3 ghost

  14. Do they reset ghost location each time you open a door?

  15. I invite everyone to my 7star clan😊😊😊

  16. Its direction, not pointing on Doors to pick… Its kinda hard to understand you, with that accent.

  17. Bro I’ve used 40 and only gotten 2 so far maybe even more keys idk, I literally had to open all the doors on the floor to get him, this event is bs

  18. If anyone needs a active clan join: Orange Lion's

  19. Will you be able to let us join your clan to collect the rewards? Like with the deep sea event

  20. That's not 100% true, I had several times the ghost was diagonal or I had this "vampire" that spawns 2 bats and the ghost was 2 doors away
    Ah you got it yourself at @5.20

  21. I'm at level 81, can someone recommend a good and active clan

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