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Failed joining game. Failed linking account. Account already in use. Host closed the connection. Those alerts are annoying and can prevent you from playing! In this video, I show you how to fix all the joining games & log-in issues on Steam, mobile and browsers! I decided to make this video because I’ve seen many users struggling with these issues lately!



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  1. Yes pls! I need help I haven’t been able to play in 2 weeks 🙁

  2. Bro tbh I wanted to play but that happened! 😂😭

  3. 4 Great Mysteries may be unsolved:

    — Interior of a black hole
    — Dividing by 0
    — Dark Matter
    — GAMERIO's secret about how did he find out to fix surviv

  4. Nice video! this may have helped hundreds of people

  5. its been fixed for a few days lmaoo
    and btw it only works if u have the privacy button (it looks like u copied it from rey lol)

  6. somehow surviv io still works when i play it on incognito on normal chrome it doesnt work

  7. do u possibly know how it works on mobile cuz none work for me

  8. best advice: stop playing dead 2d browser game and play something better or just spend time with friends or education

  9. Steam still work better than browser, lower lag, not to much error……

  10. OMG thx Gamerio really works, thanks man, I hadn't been able to play it for like 3 weeks due to that error Thank you very much <3

  11. 我在臺灣

  12. where is the privacy button? i cant find it

  13. i think there fixing the battle pass level right now its on 30 on the first skin

  14. i can't join the game i did what it said i wont work

  15. Gamerio yes! Lets have a fun time watching while my pc runs surviv on 15 fps 😑😑😭

  16. my friend ate my toothbrush 😔😟 says:

    After I got tired of playing it in dead lobbies in 2021

  17. I tried multiple devices, changing my wifi, different browsers, proxies, cookie clearing, and none of it worked. AAAAA

  18. I don't know gamerio help me to open a proxy site link😭

  19. Oh man I thought that you lost that game, GAMERIO you are the best and more with this such a great video, I'm calmer knowing that you really won that game YEAH!. 🔥💯

  20. Or, just ditch the computer on the floor and that usually works for me.

  21. Thx man this was so damn annoying i could not play for so long

  22. Hi @Gamerio how do I fix this problem on mobile

  23. surviv on my pc runs at like 8 fps. Is there a way to fix this?

  24. Gamerio i keep on failing joining game why

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