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I tried my best to think of ways to get rid of lag, if they do not all work please understand there is not a way to fix everything sometimes. thank you for watching!

command: –disable-frame-rate-limit
type in the target area of chrome (make sure to include a space before the 2 dashes, and btw this is for windows pc’s this will not work on chromebook.
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  1. You do realize you can just turn on performance mode in control panel.

  2. instructions unclear, my pc is starting a countdown

  3. to fully close out things running in the background you can click the ^ at the bottom right of the screen, right click applications that you do not need running, and close them out.

  4. my wifi right now (im not at home) is just too shit to play 50v50 today 🙁

  5. not working because i have a big lag spike when im attacking for example..

  6. y0oo what i will finally become a pr0!!😎😎😎
    (Not like i already did that and im still nub, but there is still hoperty hope))

  7. I tried this but the family safety settings blocked google chrome. Do you know if this works on Microsoft Edge?

  8. bro i am not lafgging but the problem is my game is delaying too much

  9. Hey, but nothing will happen to my browser, right?

  10. I was 14 and I can play on my 2gb Ram phone it was very smoothly.. today Im 17 and it laggs so hard….
    Sry for my english

  11. excellent brother, but the problem is that when shooting or attacking it gives you a horrible lag, and sometimes google turns black, do you think there is a problem to fix that? :c

  12. I only get lagged when changing the server or playing with my friends on another server. How to fix that when changing server?

  13. this is not helpful. survivio as a delay to the mouse response. imput lag. but it is not hardware issue. its the game lagging. its not the browser, I tried several browser you guys don't even know exist and getting the same imput lag. if you dont know what imput lag am talking about. open game and turn in circles quick. when you'll stop, you will notice player stop moving few millisecond later

  14. i did all things but that darn lag still not fixed
    the problem is the internet

  15. I don't know why I have a delay ~0.4 seconds.

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