How to get Higher Kill Games in! -

How to get Higher Kill Games in!

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This is what goes through my head when I try to get high kill games in

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  1. Maybe because you got a 15 scope😂 but good job❤

  2. Just nerf to loot toilet and rush for more kill, loot IS a drop off time

  3. I personally don´t like 3rd wheeling cause i don´t like it when I´m also getting 3rd wheel. But that´s the reason I´m been getting low kills. You know what I´m going to hop on and be soulless. NOW

  4. 0:35 Only loot toilets, the rest is close to useless. What you really need is just a shotgun and a sniper rifle, the rest is not really needed. Flare Gun just makes you lose A LOT of time.
    When you see people fighting, for example 1v2, first kill the solo player then kill the team, by trying to kill the team first, you risk to lose the solo player kill (5:01). Besides that, by attacking one of the players that's in a team, you risk to be in a 3v1 (3:27).
    Fast killing is also needed to get HKGs, in 2:46 if you went on the downed player with QBB you would have killed him but you lost the kill because you went with a grenade.
    2:53 QBB is better than Garand.
    High kill games are both skill and luck based, so if you follow all the tips but results don't come, you just have to keep trying. You have better chances in these modes: (ranked them for number of high kill games chances I've got)
    Cobalt, Squad;
    Woods, Squad;
    Cobalt, Duos;
    Desert, Duos.
    You can get high kills in 50v50 too, but other ways are required, I myself suck at that gamemode so I can't really tell people how to play it.

    Anyway, nice video. You also got some tips right, for example the smoke one. Cheers!

  5. 2:57 I still want to get high kill games but I don’t want to 2v1 because it is unfair and I feel bad about doing it. I’m stuck here.

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