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I am going to show you how to farm the maximum number of kills in! We’ll go over different tips about the best equipment and skills to use, as well as the best chapters to farm kills in.




  1. hey phasecast what about us F2P people guides and such would be nice

  2. Why do i need kills? I dont know and i would like to know

  3. What chapter you play when you get the most kills?

  4. What happens to your growth fund after level 45

  5. Sooo.. why are you farming kills? It's easy to get the kills for the weekly. Is there another reason?

  6. If you use the caltrops and sports shoes while running down, the caltrops will stay at the top of the screen killing tons of off screen enemies. It will occasionally respawn but since you throw it up and you are running down, it gets back to the top of the screen before even bouncing off of the wall.

  7. But you never showed proof getting 200k kills

  8. Hey phase, can you please tell me what over time effect duration helps you with? I never knew what that exo bracer did. Does it increase molotov fire duration and brick up time, that's it?

  9. And whats the point of getting kills? Just for the archievement?

  10. Metal neckguard buff the 1st and last skill by 30% what if i pick type a/b drone as my 1st/last skill? i mean what would happen after i eyo them to destroyer? does the buff also applies to it ?

  11. I reccomend yall try this since its really effective when it comes to farming maples leaves

  12. I'm pretty sure that if your goal is to get the light chaser you can just stop at 400k/600k kills since daily shop also gives extra maple leaves

  13. How long it take you to get the first legend equip??
    Im a f2p player and almost got all S equip. . . .

  14. 0:43 I had 2 of them and I've sacrificed them to fingerless glove💀 (it's always practical until you mention kill farming)

  15. Running is better if you are focusing on gold as well. I run 5 minutes down after up and then the last 5 minutes down again. I do not collect any gold until I get maximum gold 40% and then I focus on magnet. I also pick up skills that then I'm unable to evolve except shuriken so those extra 5 levels I get the 50 gold

  16. is it worth it to get the lightchaser or just buy the chestplate or boots with maple?

  17. Thank you for the tip with the gloves. They’re like my family now too!

  18. I just need to log in 1 more day and quick patrol 4 times. I finally get myself light chaser.

  19. If you get the Molotov it kills the monsters that follow you.

  20. Hey do you have any advice on how to beat world 15 I am stuck on it.

  21. How to create 2nd account in the game

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