How To: Kill Teamers and Hackers | -

How To: Kill Teamers and Hackers |

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This is my first “How To” video. Tell me if you want more of them! It goes over how to kill teamers and hackers. Like and subscribe! Join my discord server:

NOTE: These tips will not always work. Teamers and hackers can be very hard to kill, and your chances of killing them depend on your skill level.
Hope you enjoy!

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  1. I have no-joke killed like 4 hackers in the last week thanks to this vid. or maybe im just good at the game ;). Nah, just kidding, thx for the tutorial. You should make more.

  2. New sub 😀 ( its me mikey from da wiki btw) noice vid!

  3. Aimbotters aren’t much of a problem for me, but melee lock bot is disgusting. Hammer is the best weapon against these and always hold ur melee instead of gun, u will move faster. Spamming the T key also makes you move slightly faster(glitch).

  4. I always fake team,then use smoke and frag grenades to destroy then,

  5. Sea even though i think machete is better.Machete swipe speed is faster than katana even it's damage is less

  6. I've only seen 2 aimbots: I was about to grenade my friend but a guy mosind me so I died and one who killed my team and SV-98 some guys HE COULDN'T SEE

  7. Thank you! Awesome vid, I have been doing research on how to kill hackers and there's not much, I am a good player but I feel like quitting when I keep on loosing my 15 kill games to them.

  8. Tip for everyone: if you see a hacker, spectate them and screen record them to get video of them hacking. Install OBS if you need a screen recorder. Then, go to the official discord server. They have a report system the in the #report-players channel. Fill out the report form and submit the video. A mod will eventually look at your video that you submitted and determine if they were hacking or not. If they decide yes then the hacker will soon be banned.

  9. Lmao im a hacker thanks for telling me what not to do 🙂

  10. Noice helped me! And btw when I was trying to join cosmic as I encountered 2q hackers which both I killed and mrfishstick helped

  11. Hi, a "hacker" here. The best way to kill a exploiter is to get a hammer or a axe then just let them try to melee kill you and face towards them and just spam with your hammer or axe.

    Best Way <3

    -Icehacks Player

  12. Seal i like your ways i do mostly fake its so funny when i finish

  13. Personally i love teamers.
    I bunch of easy kills close to each other, why would you not like it?
    (I do a lot of solo squad so it is just like that but with the guarantee that they suck.)

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  15. i had the chance to go on a only hacker team instantly winning but my mom had to get to go eat something 🙁

  16. When you're playing the Savannah mode, you actually can't destroy teams, because they are really big, i mean often there are teams out of 12 people. And the hackers have Snipers, which makes it even harder to kill them.

  17. I miss Spring mode, why did not come back this year? so much fun

  18. Just shoot them. Hackers? Cooking a grenade helps

  19. Actually i found that many teamers are actually quite good at the game

  20. I remember before I knew what a hacker was, I saw this guy w/spinbot and aimbot, on my team, I wished I was like that guy cuz he was so good ( i wuz noob) Thinking back, I now hate him.

  21. this is a part I don’t like about: many pros say that some survivors are hackers because they died to that person

  22. also in the title in the hacker section I do that in mobile by moving the joystick

  23. During a melee lock, spin sharply around as hackers have a delay when it comes to this.

  24. 0:34 Don’t do that! If you want to team first, do not do that.

    If anyone makes me this I report idk why it make me rage

  25. I team but then kill them and never hacked cause thats usless

  26. 1. High damage weapons…
    What else would we use?

  27. just spin around then it will confuse melee hackers

  28. The video didn't help killing hackers at all,but I do have some tips.
    First thing, aimbots in are not that good, because of something called bullet speed. A hacker with a Mosin is much more dangerous than a hacker with an AWM-s, why? Because it's very easy to dodge an AWM-s bullet bc it's kinda slow. You need to exploit those aimbot flaws as much as possible.
    Also, aimbots are very simple. They just aim perfectly at you and shoot as fast as possible, that also means they're designed for simple Positions. To beat a hacker, you'll need the position to be as complex as possible.
    For instance, imagine fighting a hacker in a bland place with no cover or anything. Both of you have a scar 20. This position is very simple and guess who wins. The hacker will rekt you. Now imagine fighting a hacker in a place with a lot of covers, in a very long range fight, and both if you have a Mosin. If you're skilled enough, you will kill him easily. You will be able to dodge his bullets or take cover, and peak shoot him while he's in his fire delay.
    Note: Snipers and shotguns can be considered as complex weapon: they do a lot if damage in one tap, but have a slow firing delay. They are the best weapons to kill a hacker.
    Always remember: never shoot directly to a hacker exept if you know he's low. He has a way better aim than you and you won't be able to dodge his bullets while you're slowed down by your shots. You need to use complex techniques to exploit the flaws of his simple aim like the peak and shoot with a shotgun or sniper with a cover while he's in a firing delay or is he uses an assault rifle, that doesn't make a lot of damage in a low ammount of time. You can also use a grenade since they are a complex way to attack compared to the ordinary guns. For exemple activate the grenade behind a cover(preferably a stone if u know he can't break it fast enough, since u can throw the grenade over it and don't need to make the risky peaks) and throw it at him with a short peak. If threw right, it will do a ton of damage.
    Also remember: most hackers are noobs and dumb, that's also a reason why complex fights are effective against them, but that also means they're very vulnerable to traps, making the mines one of the best counters, if you're in a building with tight entrances to certain rooms. For exemple,if a hacker is chasing you, try to go inside a building (while dodging his bullets or put covers between yourselves). Once you enter the building, put a ton of mines in the entrance. The mines need to explode right when he's on them to make sure he dies, but they have a delay between their activation and explosion. you'll have to help them by timing the hacker's arrival and shooting the mines in advance, So he will be welcomed to your house with explosions right at their feet. Since he's a big noob, he will easily fall for the trap.
    I need to insist on it: against a hacker, covers are your saviors. They will protect you from that god damn aimbot while you prepare some malicious tactics to beat him.
    Their melee locking are also a bit flawes because of a small delay. It's hard to explain how to exploit those flaws but GAMERIO's tutorial against hackers explain it perfectly, just watch it if you're an idiot and haven't watched his masterpiece yet.
    That's all for now i hope my text wasn't too long and that I explained things well,ans have fun beating those aimnoobs.

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