How To: Kill Teamers and Hackers | -

How To: Kill Teamers and Hackers |

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This is my first “How To” video. Tell me if you want more of them! It goes over how to kill teamers and hackers. Like and subscribe! Join my discord server:

NOTE: These tips will not always work. Teamers and hackers can be very hard to kill, and your chances of killing them depend on your skill level.
Hope you enjoy!

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  1. lol this is a full fledged war! hackers v youtubers

  2. more tutorials!!!!!
    for people like me who suk…

  3. super cool tutorial video 😀 just one question, how do I know if the guy is a hacker or just a pro??

  4. My name when I play survive is always SUB2SEAL_4 so free clout

  5. Make a social distancing video but it’s in surviv

  6. i killed like 7 hacker in the last 2 days all you need to do is learn how to click siwtch hit them like 2 times then they will try to meele you just put your meme then click as fast as you can by standing still

  7. Damn, I didn't expect this video to be so popular xD

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